The photos below were purchased at an auction sale at Lidgerwood or Hankinson! Do you recognize any family members?

If you can identify them please contact this sites coordinator!


Photo I believe this to be a photo of men from around Hankinson. Please contact the county coodinator for email of the woman holding the photo

Someone "rescued" an old photograph of two children identified
as belonging to Mrs. A. M. BLEXRUD of Abercrombie, ND.
The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1890's at the Brown Studio
in Wahpeton, ND. The back also includes instructions for additional copies
and variations of the photograph to be produced. Based on limited research
I was able to gather the following information regarding the children and this family:

These are children of Andrew Nilsen BLEXRUD (1867-1946 the son of Nels &
Anna BLEXRUD both born in Norway) and his wife Clara HALLAN (1872-1957).
The couple had three children including, Newell Cincinnatus BLEXRUD
(1892-1971)Newell is buried in the Saint Mary's Cemetery in Marysville, WA.;
Adella Cornelia BLEXRUD (b. Jan 1894); Adella was born in North Dakota.
Alvira C. H. BLEXRUD (b. 1899 or 1900).

Census records provide the following details regarding the family:

1900 Census of Abercrombie, ND:

Andrew BLEXRUD, age 33, born Jul 1866, married 10 years, born MN, parents
born Norway, a General Merchandise Dealer
Clara BLEXRUD, wife, age 28, born May 1872, married 10 years, 3 children/3
living, born MN parents born Norway
Newell C. BLEXRUD, son, age 8, born Feb 1891, born ND, at School
Adella C. BLEXRUD, dau, age 6, born Jan 1894, born ND, at School
Alvira C. H. BLEXRUD, dau, age 1, born May 1899, born ND
+ 1 Servant + 1 Boarder

1910 Census of Pleasant View, ND:

A. N. BLEXRUD, age 43, married 20 years, born MN, parents born Norway, a Farmer
Clara BLEXRUD, wife, age 38, married 20 years, 3 children/3 living, born MN,
parents born Norway
Newell BLEXRUD, son, age 18, born ND, a Farm Laborer
Cornellia BLEXRUD, dau, age 16, born ND
Elvira BLEXRUD, dau, age 10, born ND

1920 Census of Steiber, ND:

Andrew N. BLEXRUD, age 53, born MN, parents born Norway, a Farmer
Cora BLEXRUD, wife, age 48, born MN, parents born Norway
Newell BLEXRUD, son, age 28, born ND, a Farmer
Alvira BLEXRUD, dau, age 20, born ND
+ 1 Hired Man

1940 Census of McKinley, WA:

Newell BLEXRUD, age 48, born ND, a Truck Driver
Rose BLEXRUD, wife, age 46, born WI
I am hoping to locate someone from this BLEXRUD Family so that the
photograph can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of
this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

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