Index of Family Names & Histories in the
History Of Richland County Book

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Aarhus, Gilbert
Aarhus, Lars
Aarhus, Lewis
Aarhus, Lynall
Aas, Olaf
Abbot, Louis N
Abercrombie City
Abercrombie City Feautre Stories:
Biography of Norman Bursheim
Childhood Memories
Notes From Abercrombie Herald
Pricilla Wold--Missionary
State Bank Robbery
Summer Event
Abercrombie City Institutional Stories:
Abercrombie's Past Honored by a Park
Abercrombie Post Office
Abercrombie School Grew with the Times
Business--Owen Myhre
Congregational Church Formed
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
History of the Abercrombie Cafes
History of the South Side Grocery Store
John Loff Store
Meat Market's History
Abercrombie Township
Abercrombie Township Feature Stories:
Bakken's Juvenile Band
Mrs. Erick Hendrickson Keeps House at 93
The History of the Alvin Carlson Home
The Little Sod Shanty on the Claim (poetry)
Tornado Experience
Abercrombie Township Institutional Stores:
Abercrombie Township Rural Schools
Bethan Free Lutheran Church
Betterment Club of Galchutt
Foreign Mission Fellowship
Lamplighters Homemakers Club
Pitcairn Elevator
St. John's Lutheran Church
Settlement of Abercrombie Township
Shady Lane 4-H Club
Wild Rose Homemakers Club

Adams and Thompson Families
Adams, Jerome
Adams, Ralph
Adamson, Charles
Albright, Frank
Allen, Delroy B
Allen, Otis A
Alexander, E.E.
Alm, Charles
Alm, Frank
Alm, John
Almlie, Elder
Almy, A.A.
Alsager, Daniel D
Alsager, Delman
Alsager, Ole C.
Althoff, Aloysius
Althoff, Alfred V.
Althoff, John
Althoff, Leo
Ambach, Maybell B.
Amberson, Ole
Amundsen, Math
Amundsen, Ole
Anderson, Albert
Anderson, Anders
Anderson, Anton T.
Anderson, Arthur
Anderson, August
Anderson, Exel
Anderson, Christian
Anderson, David
Anderson, Dwight
Anderson, Edwin
Anderson, Eric Gustaf
Anderson, Fritz A
Anderson, Gustav
Anderson, Halvor
Anderson, Hans C
Anderson, Harry
Anderson, Henning
Anderson, Hugo
Anderson, John (Eagle Twps.)
Anderson, John (Helen, Twp.)
Anderson, Lare E
Anderson, Louis
Anderson, Marvin
Anderson, Nels
Anderson, Olaf (Green Twp.)
Anderson, Olaf (Sheyenne Twp.)
Anderson, O.A. (Albert)
Anderson, Ole
Anderson, Paul F.
Anderson, Pearl
Anderson, Peder A
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, Philip
Anderson, Raymond
Anderson, Vernon
Anderson, Warren
Anderson, William
Anderson, William D.
Andresen, Wm.
Andrews, Orville
Antelope Township Institutional Stories:
Antelope Church & Sunday School
Antelope Schools

Arnold, Hon. H. J.
Astagson, Helge
Aune Children
Aune, Ingebrigt O.
Aune, Michael

Bagg, F.A. (The Downing Farm)
Bahr, Albert
Bahr, Dean
Bahr, Leslie L.
Bailey, Charles E.
Bailey, Herbert
Bailey, John H.
Baisley, William F.
Bakke, Rasmus
Bakken, Andrew
Bakken, Bennie
Bakken, John
Bakken, Ole
Bakkerud, Kermit
Bakkerud, Ole
Bakko, Albert
Bakko, Andrew H.
Bakko, Ardell
Bakko, Halvor H.
Bakko, Helmer H. (Walcott Twp.)
Bakko, Helmer N. (Colfax Twp.)
Bakko, Niles H.
Bakko, Wilfred T.
Bakko, Willie H.
Ballestad, Rev. Erick O.
Barber, Robert Truman
Barbo, Andrew A.
Bardell, Merton
Bardsley, Carrie
Bardsley, Tom
Barney City
Barney City Feature Story:
Barney Implement Dealer
Barney City Institutional Story:
Peace Lutheran Church
Barney Township
Barrie Township
Barrie Township Institution Stories:
Barrie Congregatinal Church
GOL American Lutheran Church
West Prairie Lutheran Church

Bartholomay, Henry
Bates, Clifford
Bauer, Joseph
Bauman, John
Bauman, Otto
Baumann, Walter F.
Baumgartner, William
Baxter, George
Bean, Dr. O.G.
Beaton, John
Becker, Charles
Beeson, Ralph Burritt
Beeson, Ralph H.
Behle Family, Henry
Beito, Gilbert K.
Beitland, John O.
Belford Township
Belford Township Institutional Stories:
St. John's Lutheran Church

Bellin Family
Bellin, Reinhard
Berg. Stax. Mix & Adams
Berg, Andrew & Martha
Berg, Arnold H.
Berg, clarence T.
Berg, Emil A. Jr.
Berg, Emil B.
Berg, Engebrit
Berg, John J.
Berg, Joseph
Berg, Karl
Berg< Nils H.
Berg, Wesley
Bergh, Nels
Bergman, August
Bergum, Peder
Bernard, Arnold
Bernard, Mathias
Bernard, Peter
Berndt, Allen
Berndt, Chris
Berndt, Christian F. J.
Berndt, Gustav
Berndt, Herman
Berndt, Reuben
Berseth, Maurice
Berseth, Mikkel
Berseth, Nels M.
Bertelsen, Jens
Bertelsen, Tom
Bevre, Christ
Bezenek, Frank
Biegert, Ernest
Biegert, John
Bickerdike, Fred
Biggs Families
Biggs, Alfred A.
Biggs, Alfred E.
Biggs, Herny
Birnbaum, Theodore
Bisek, Arthur
Bixby, Lyman
Bjerkager, Gilbert
Bjerkager, Henry
Bjerkager, John
Bjerkager, Ole
Bjerkan, Christian
Bjorke, Olaf Olson
Bladow-Bladow-Kamke Families
Bladow-Pankow Family
Bladow, August SR
Bladow, Friedrick
Baldow, Friedrick
Baldow, Karl
Bladow, Karl
Bladow, Otto
Baldow, Otto
Blair, Arthur
Blair, William H.
Blackmun, Earl
Blake, George
Blazek, Anna C.
Blazek, Anna R.
Blazek, Christine
Blazek, Frank & Josefa
Blazek, Frank J. & Mary
Blazek, Helen
Blazek, Ignatius Henry
Blazek, Joseph F. Jr.
Blazek, Joseph F. Sr.
Blazek, Josephine
Blazek, Julia
Blazek, Louis J.
Blazek, Margaret
Blazek, Marie
Blazek, Richard
Blazek, Rose
Blazek, Stephen V.
Blilie, Nels E.
Blomlie, Andrew
Blumer, Alvin
Blumer, Harold
Blumer, William
Boe, Sivert
Boe, Thore
Bohn, Edwin
Bohn, Emil H.
Bohn, Ludwig
Bohn, Olive McDougall
Boldt, Herman
Bolme, Edward
Bolme, Ole
Bolme, Peter
Bolme, Philip
Bolme, William
Bolstad, Harold
Bolstad, John
Bolstad, Lars O.
Bolstad, Ole L.
Bolstad, Palmer
Bondelid, Nels
Borchardt, August Sr.
Bordahl, Ole
Bordal, Ole Arntsen
Borgen, Fredrick H.
Borman, M.M.
Borman, Peter
Borseth, Johnnie
Borseth, Ole J.
Bossman, Leslie
Bostrom, John
Botnen, John
Botnen, Theodore
Botten, John J.
Bork, William A.
Boutiette, Elmer J.
Bowman, P.G. (Pat)
Braaten, Andrew
Braaten, Ben
Raaten, Boyd
Braaten, Iver
Braaten, Iver Saga
Braaten, John L.
Braaten, Kenneth N.
Braaten, Knut
Braaten, Oliver K.
Braaten, Oscar
Braaten, Tollef
Brand, John Peter
Brandenburg Township
Brandenburg Township Feature Stories:
A Prairie Fire
Red River Valley Historical Essay

Brandon, Charles
Brandt, Fred A.
Brandt, Herman
Branson, Frank
Branson, Roy
Branson, Thad
Bratland, John
Braun, John C.
Breden, Olaf
Breuer, Herman (Cudd)
Breuer, Mathew
Breuer, Peter
Breuer, Ralph
Breuer, William John
Brewer, Louis W.
Brightwood Township
Brightwood Township Feature Story:
Brightwood Township School

Bristol, Lois Helen
Brose, Wm. H.
Brosowske, Arthur
Brosowske, Herman J. SR.
Brosowske, Herman R. JR.
Brotten, Melvin
Brown, Arthur H.
Brunner, Ernest
Buchholz, Edward
Buck, August
Buckhouse, Albert
Buckhouse, Charles F.
Budge, Stanley
Bull, Charles F.
Bunn, Donald
Burdick, Ralph
Burvee, A. Burt
Burvee, Fred E.
Busch, Robert
Busching, John H. (Henry)
Buskohl, Wayne
Buss, Louis

Campbell, Neil
Carey, Abram F
Carlson, Erick
Carlson, Hannah
Carver, Doc Elmor
Casperson, Iver A
Caulkins, Lowell F
Caulkins, Orin Fern
Caulkins, Orin Henry
Center Township
Chapman, Orange
Chapin, Wilber John
Chernich, Michael
Childs, Clark
Childs, Veryl
Christensen, Almer
Christensen, Andrew
Christenson, Albin
Christenson, Henry
Christianson, Carl Arthur
Christianson, Clarence H
Christianson, Gustav M
Christianson, Louis
Christianson, Nels
Christine City
Christine Feature Stories:
"Christine Wildlife"
Foss, Dr. O.D.
"How Christine Was Named"
"Interesting Incidents From the Jens Hagen History"
"It All Began With Abandoned Cars"
Ivers Family
"Men at Work" "Mrs. Bennie Granholt, Sr., Receives a Royal Flower"
"My Unforgettable Friend and Brother in Lord"
Poetry--"A Treasured Poem"
Poetry--"Where to Go"
"Schjeldahl's Helping to Resurrect Christine"
"Spanish Infulenze Tales as Remebered in Richland County
"The Jens Hagen's Anniversaries"
"To the Red River Valley I Am Comming"
"Versions of How Christine was Named"
Christine City Institutional Stories:
The First Christine School

Christopherson, Christopher
Chrisopherson, Ole
Cink, Joseph
Cink, Victor
Clark, Don Jacob Sr.
Clemmons, Commodore C
Colber, August
Colfax City and Township
Colfax City Feautre Stories:
"Claim Shanty of the Early Homesteaders"
"Early Home-Owners"
"Feature Stories of Disasters"
"North Dakota Blizzards"
Poetry--Poems to Pioneers
Colfax City Institutional Stories:
Bolstad Store
Colfax Churches
Colfax Schools
Colfax Swimming Pool
Early Business Estab. of Colfax
Colfax Township
Colfax Township Feature Stories:
"From Homesteads to Rest Areas"
"Growing-Up Recollections"
"Shopping Pioneer Days"
"Special Feature of Firsts"
"The Log House"
Colfax Township Institutional Stories:
History of Zion Communtiy
Schools of Colfax Township
Zion Junior Farmers' 4-H Club
Zion United Methodist Church

Collins, E.R.
Comstock Family
Connolly, Minnie Boe
Coppin, Edward T.
Comstock Family
Connolly, Minnie Boe
Coppin, Edward T
Corcoran, Ernest T
Cox, John Raymond
Crafts, W.A.
Crawford, David
Crawford, John M
Crooks, John N
Currie, Kenneth

Dahl, Frank P
Dahl, John
Dahl, Mathias P
Dahl, Millard
Danton Township
Danton Township Feature Stories:
In Memoriam of Russell Wodarz
Mrs. Mathilda Kressin
Danton Township Institutional Stories:
Danton Homemakers Club
Danton Township 4-H Clubs
Danton Township Schools

David, Frank
Davis, James
Davis, Embert F., Jr.
Davis Embert F., Sr
Davis, Gerald D
Deike, Dale
Deike, Herman
Deike, Lester
DeMesy, Abel
Dennstedt Bros.
DeVillo Township
DeVillo Township Feature Stories:
Square Dancing in Richland County
The Sonora Story
DeVillo Township Institutional Stories:
Devillo Schools
Elevators--Then and Now
Dexter Township
Dexter Township Feature Story:
Elznic and Pavek Band

Dichraff, Fred
Dierks, Lambert(Pastor)
Dietz, Henry J
Dietz, John P
Differding, Joe
Dinger, Jess
Dinger, Walter
Dokken, Iver
Dokken Ole I
Doleshy, Frank
Domholt, Torsten O.
Dotzenrod, Alvin
Dotzenrod, Rudolph A.
Dotzenrod, Ralph C
Dougherty, R.W.
Dougherty, Robert William (Bob)
Dowzak Family
Dowzak, John
Dowzak, Joseph
Draeger, Paul
Duba, Joseph G.
Duerr Township
Duncan, George
Dullum, Magnus
Dwight City and Township

Eagle Township
Eagle Township Feature Stories:
A Gallant Black Mare
Gustav Foss's Barn
Harold's Coat
The Harvest Season
When Typhoid Fever Struck
Eagle Township Institutional Stores:
Cemeteries in Eagle Township
Enloe Elevator and Station
Richland Lutheran Church
Schools of Eagle Township

Ebel, Fred
Eckhardt, Albert
Eckre, Carl
Eckre, Glennis
Eckre, Thore
Eckstrom, Anna Dullum
Edenstrom, John
Edgerton, Eddy A
Egan, Thomas
Egenes, Alfred Lars
Egger, Allen
Egger, John Jr
Egger, John Sr
Egger, Lavella
Egger, Lucille
Ehlers, George
Ehlers, John
Ehlers, Roy
Ehrens, John R
Ekre, Albert K
Ekre, Edwin
Ekre, Geoline
Ekre, Knut
Ekre, Peder O
Ellend, Ole
Ellenson, Henry
Ellenson, Joseph
Elliott, George
Ellsworth, Samuel
Elma Township
Elma Township Feature Stories:
Harvest and Threshing
Memories of Children of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hentz
Resume of Early Settlers
The Airplane Story

Elo, Oscar F.
Emery, Clyde
Elsen, Michael
Elton, Nels O.
Elznic, Anton
Engene, Amund O
Engerholm, Rev. John N
Engum, Ole
Ennen, Al
Enochson, Edward
Erbes, George
Erickson, Carol
Erickson, Christian
Erickson, Elis
Erickson, Herbrand
Erickson, Kenneth
Erickson, Knute
Erickson, Melvin
Erickson, Theo T
Erickson, Theodore
Erickson, Thomas
Erickson, Thore
Erstad, Carl
Evenson, Andrew (Ferd)
Evenson, Edwin
Evenson, Edwin A.
Evenson, Elmer
Evenson, Helmer E.
Evenson, Ole H.
Ewals, Harry

Faehnrich, Louis H
Fahsholz, Ferdinand H
Fahsholz, Karl
Fairmount City
Fairmount City Feature Stories:
Fairmount & Veblen RR
Fairmount Senior Citizens
Poie--Ode to Fairmount
Recollections of Grandma Strait
Short Biographies of Prominent Business Persons
Fairmount City Intitutional Stories:
Church of Christ
Early School
Fairmount Baptist Church
Fairmount Literary Club
Golf Course
Legion Forms in 1919
Maple Leaf Restaurant
Mason Lodge
Methodist Church
Order of Eastern Star
Peoples State Bank
Rebekak Lodge
Royal Neighbors
St. Anthony Catholic Church

Fairmount Township
Fairmount Township Feature Story:
Ponies Are for Grandpa

Fallon, Patrick
Farsdale Family
Farup, Carol
Farup, Eskild
Farup, Rev. Julius E
Fatland, Amund L
Fatland, Daniel
Fatland, Emil G
Fatland, Evan H
Fatland, Olai
Felton, Elizabeth Karls
Feneis, George
Fettes, John
Fey, John J
Fink, John
Fischer, George J
Fiske, John
Fiske, Ole
Fixen, Glenn
Fixen, Lewis S
Fixen, Lloyd
Flaa, Emil
Flaa, Frank
Flaa, Fredrick
Flaa, Ingebrigt
Flaa, Leonard
Flaa, Palmer
Flaa, Steiner
Flaa, Stuart
Flaa, Trond
Fladby, Emil
Flagstad, Alfred C
Flasch, Henry George
Fleenor, Dr. Walter
Fleischauer, Alfred
Fleischauer, Lloyd
Fluto, Martin
Foertsch, John
Foertsch, Joseph
Foertsch, James
Folstad, Andrew
Ford, Harold
Ford, Robert
Formaneck, John W
Forness, Erick
Forness, Helmer
Forness, John
Foss, Arnold
Foss, Casper A (Feature Story)
Foss, Casper A
Foss, Guy
Foss, Dr. O.D.
Foss, Ole C.
Fossum, Anders
Foyt, Ed
Frankl, Christian
Frankl, John
Frankl, Thomas
Fredrickson, Albert
Fredrickson, Hans
Freeman Township
Freeman Township Institutional Stories:
Churches in Freeman Township
Freeman School District

Frisk, Peter
Friskie, Herman
Friskop, Adolph
Friskop, Arvid C
Friskop, Chester
Friskop, Gerald
Friskop, Harold
Friskop, Henry
Friksop, Merlin
Friskop, Niles
Friskop, Peter A
Front, John Johanner
Frundt, John Johannes
Frybert, Carl
Fust, Alfred

Gabbert, John
Gabriel, Weston
Gagnum, Alvin & Lester
Gagnum, Lewis L
Gagnum, Palmer
Gagnum, Pearl Ruth
Galchutt Village
Galchutt Village Feature Stories:
Galchutt Band
Indian Remembrances
Senator M.P. Johnson
Teachers Rebuild Old Building
Village Hall Moved
Galchutt Village Institutional Stories:
American Legion
Credit Union
Eager Workers 4-H Club
Einer Wold Store
Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association
Farmers Union Oil Company
Galchutt Bank
Galchutt Church
Galchutt Depot
Galchutt Oil Company
Galchutt School
Galchutt Store
Legion Auxiliary
Literary Club
Pastors of Galchutt Lutheran Church
Syvertson Implement
The Tavern
Villa Shops

Gallager, James Henry Bruce
Gallagher, James
Garad, Nick
Garborg Township
Garborg Township Institutional Stories:
Garborg Schools
Grace Lutheran Church
Sundown Homemakers Club

Gardner, Katherine
Gast, Herbert
Gast, Herman
Gast, John Jr.
Gauslow, Ole O
Gerou, Frank
Gilbertson, Albert
Gilman, Charles W
Goerger, David
Goerger, Edd
Goerger, Edward
Goerger, Henry
Goerger, John Bernard
Golberg, Ole
Golberg, Theodore A
Golberg, Thorwald H
Golberg, Tideman
Gollsbey, Wm
Gorder, Bejamin
Gotaas, Olaf
Graff, Andrew
Graff, Ole A
Graff, Oswald A
Graffis, Runnion
Granholt, John
Grant Township
Grant Township Feature Story:
A Prairie Fire

Grant, Ole O
Great Bend City
Great Bend City Institutional Stories:
Farmers Mill & Elevator Co
Great Bend Lockers
Hardware Store
Herb Weiss Grocery Store
Lumber Yard
Trinity Lutheran Church
Zion United Methodist Church

Green, Thomas
Green, William
Greendale Township
Greendale Township Feature Stories:
Churning Butter
Early Days in Greendale
Fond Memories of My Pioneer Parents
4th of July Clelebration
Granfather's Pet Project
Memories of Growing Up on the Farm
Two Letters From Dakota
Visiting the Homestead
Working with Oxen
Greendale Township Institutional Stories:
Greendale Bank
Homemakers and 4-H Clubs
Military Service
Post Office
Tyson Cemetery
Tyson Church

Greenman, Dr. N.H.
Griepentrog, August
Griffith, Andrew J
Griffith, John A
Grimes, William
Grob, Carl
Groff, Halvor
Groff, Orrin H
Gronbeck, Arne
Gronbeck, Ernest
Gulland, Henry
Gullickson, Harold
Gully, Richard
Gunderson, Sigvart
Gunness, Arthus S
Gunness, Donald
Gunness, Gordon
Gunness, Ingebrigt
Gunness, Johna A.
Gunness, John C.
Gunness, Ole N
Gunness, Peter K
Gutzmer, Fred
Gylland, John P.
Gylland, Leif
Gylland, Oscar
Gylland, Peder P

Haaland, Milford
Haarstad, Ole
Haarstad, Oscar
Haberman, Adolph
Haberman, Carl Jr.
Haberman, Carl G. Sr.
Haberman, Lawrence
Hackey, Andrew
Hackey, Oscar
Hafener, John
Haffner, John
Hage, Anders
Hage, Edwin
Hagen, Edward P
Hagen, Jens
Hagen, M.D., O.J.
Hagen, Oliver
Hagen, Peter
Hagen, Tobias
Hager, Donald
Hager, John
Halbjorhus, Engebret
Halgunseth, Eddie
Halgunseth, Oliver
Hallum, Julius C
Halstenson, Henry
Halverson, Carl
Halverson, George
Halverson, Gordon
Halverson, Henry
Halverson, Henry B
Halverson, Jacob
Halverson, Tollef
Halvorson, Tom
Hamerlik, Mathias
Hammer, John
Hammond, Simon
Haney, Rob
Hankinson City
Hankinson City Feature Stories:
First Bightwood School
Hankinson Bands
Hankinson Notes
Hardships Faced by Early Settlers in the County
How Mr. Hankinson Grew Apples
Lake Elsie Tradgdies
Military Society
Pentecost Day
Rackow, Gustave E
Soo-Great Northern Crossing Battle
Wild Rice River Flood
Hankinson City Institutional Stories:
Emmanuel Church of Christ
Farmers Mill & Elevator
Hankinson & Milnor Coop. Association
Hankinson Lumber Company
Hankinson News
Hankinson Nursery
Hankinson Public School
Hankinson Women's Literary Club
Immanuel Lutheran Church
John Green Business
Lake Elsie
Lingen Motor Company
St. Francis Academy
St. Gerard's Communtiy Hospital
St. Philip's Church
Sisters of St. Francis
United Church of Christ

Hans, Alvin
Hansen, A. Douglas
Hanson, Halvor
Hanson, Jacob
Hanson, Levi
Hanson, Martin
Hanson, Theodore E
Hardie, Charles
Hardie, Newell
Hardmier, Rudolph
Haring, Henry
Harles, Edward (Bud)
Hatlie, Olof Nels
Hatlie, Nils
Hauge, Nels C
Haugen, Alfred
Haugen, Donald
Haugen, Gilbert O
Haugen, Iver
Haugen, James
Haugen, John
Haugen, Jorgen
Haugen, Melvin
Haugen, Peder I
Haugen, Ole Gunderson
Haugen, Ole I
Haugen, Oscar
Haugen, Thomas I
Haugen, Treadwell
Haukness, Erling
Haus, Charles
Haus, Tom
Hausken, C.A.
Hausken-Myhra Families
Haverland, George Jr.
Haverland, George Sr.
Haverland, John
Haverland, Wayne B
Hayes, George
Healy, Fred O
Hefty, Theodore N
Heglie, Aaron
Heglie, Albert
Heglie, Ole Alfred
Heglie, Andreas
Heglie, Ole Pet
Heglie, Oscar
Hegseth, Fredrick
Hegseth, Olof
Hein, Charles
Heitkamp, Arnold
Heitkamp, Ben
Heitkamp, Bernard
Heitkamp, Frank
Heitkamp, Henry
Heitkamp, Herman
Heitkamp, Jerome
Heitkamp, John H. Sr
Heitkamp, Sylvester
Hektner, Christian
Hektner, John
Hektner, Joseph
Hektner, Julius
Hektner, Martin
Hektner, Vernon E
Helendale Township
Helendale Township Feature Story:
The Powers Farm in the Early Days
Helendale Township Institutional Stories:
Helendale A.L.C.W.
Helendale Lutheran Church
Helendale Schools

Helgeson, Christ
Helgeson, Halvor
Heller, Leon
Helling, Elder
Helling, Knut
Hendricks, Floyd (Jake)
Hendricks, Melvin F
Hendrickson, Andrew
Hendrickson, Elmer
Hendrickson, Elmer L
Hendrickson, Erick,
Hendrickson, Gordon
Hendrickson, Henry
Hendrickson, John M.
Hendrickson, Lauritz
Hendrickson, Stephen M
Henger, Gabriel
Henger, W.F.
Henkenius, Adolph
Henkenius, Albert
Henkenius, Gottfried
Hentz, Jacob
Hentz, Peter Sr
Herbranson, Herbrand
Herbranson Herding, Anton
Herman, Andrew
Herman, Bertha
Herman (Iverson), Hermund
Herman, John
Hermes, Claire
Hermes, Francis
Hermes, Joseph
Hermo, John Olsen
Hermo, Orlando
Hermo, Peter O
Hermo, Svend S
Hermunslie, Clarence
Hermunslie, Fred
Hermunslie, Harold
Hermunslie, Julius
Hermunslie, Lar F
Herrick, Albert
Hertsgaard, Amund P
Hestdalen, Abraham
Hestdalen, Olaf
Hestdalen, Ole J
Hestdalen, Rudolph
Hilgendorf, Rev. Rudolph
Hill, Carl
Hlavnicka, Francis
Hlavnicka, Frank Jr.
Hlavnicka, Frank Sr.
Hoefs, August
Hoefs, Marjorie Eleanore
Hoefs, Rudolph Herman
Hoel, Einar
Hoel, Erick
Hel, Ingebrigt
Hoel, Sivert
Hoerer, Randal
Hoff, Julius O
Hoffert, Elmer
Hoffert, Jacob
Hoffman, Jacob A.
Hoffman, Joseph
Hoffman, Raymond
Hoines, Henning
Hollands, George
Holthusen, John
Homestead Township
Homestead Township Feature Stories:
Business Ventures of Gilbert O. Sanden
From the Memoirs of John S. Lindblom
Memories From My Early Childhood
Homestead Township Institutional Stories:
Farmsteads in Homestead Township
Homestead 4-H Clubs
Homestead Homemakers Club
Homestead Lutheran Church and Cemetery
Homestead Schools

Horak, John Sr
Horak, Joseph
Horak, Tim
Hout, John
Hove, Robert
Hovelson, Christ
Hovestad, Maggie
Howey, Earl
Hruby, James Joseph
Hruza, Jan
Hudson, Fred
Hudson, John
Hudson, Loran
Hudson, William H
Hughes, Robert J
Hull, Glenn
Hull, Washington
Hulne, Alphonse
Humpkins, Henry
Hunger, Edward Sr
Hurdelbrink, John
Hurley, Edwawrd
Hurley, E.J.
Huseth, Harry
Huseth, Nils
Huseth, Peter
Husmoen, Olaf
Huss, Ellef
Huss, Emil O
Huss, George W
Huss, Captain Oliver
Huss, Thore
Hutchison, Earl Webster

Ibsen Township
Ibsen Township Feature Stories:

A Prairie Fire
A Runaway Wahpeton Taxi
A standard Joke of the Day
Early Settlers
Ibsen Township
My School Days

Illies, Ben
Isaacson, Tom
Isackson, Henning
Ista, Adolph Sr.
Ista, Fred
Ista, George Sr.
Ista, Henry and Albert Dierke
Ista, Mrs. Jean
Ista, Leroy
Ivers, Dr. Martin U
Iverson, Dr. Lewis U
Iverson, Ole K

Jacobs, Peter
Jackson, August
Jacobson, Christian
Jacobson, Gunvald
Jacobson, Julius
Jacobson, Ole
Jacobson, Reuben
Jacobson, Thomas
Jacobson, Throval
Jaeger, Alfred P
Jaeger, John M
Jaeger, Theodore Joseph
Jensen, Alfred P
Jensen, Annie (Tyson)
Jensen, Chris Nels
Jensen, Christoffer
Jensen, Jens
Jensen, Max Sr.
Jensen, Morris
Jensen, Neil C
Jentz Family
Jentz, Louis
Johnsgaard, Alfred B
Johnsgard, Austin
Johnson, Albert (Eagle Twp)
Johnson, Albert (Fairmount Twp)
Johnson, Alvin
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Arthur E
Johnson, August
Johnson, Clark
Johnson, Clibert
Johnson, Clifford E
Johnson, Clifford G
Johnson, Darwin
Johnson, Donald C
Johnson, Durwood
Johnson, Edevig
Johnson, Elias O
Johnson, Erling
Johnson, Geo. J., Jr. (Aber. Twp)
Johnson, George
Johnson, George J., Jr. (Wynd. City)
Johnson, George J
Johnson, Gina J
Johnson, Gordon M
Johnson, Irwin Lester
Johnson, Jens
Johnson, John A
Johnson, John I
Johnson, John O. and Lena
Johnson, John O
Johnson, John P
Johnson, John R
Johnson, John T
Johnson, Julius Peter
Johnson, Kjos
Johnson, Lee
Johnson, Lewis
Johnson, Lloyd
Johnson, Marcelius
Johnson, Marius
Johnson, Marvin
Johnson, Melvin
Johnson, Nate
Johnson, Nels
Johnson, Olaus
Johnson, Ole
Johnson, Oscar
Johnson, Olaf
Johnson, Paul E
Johnson, Paul J
Johnson, Peder
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Roney M
Johnson, Dr. Roy M
Johnson, Sam S
Johnson, Sven
Johnson, Sievert
Johnson, Syver M
Johnson, Thor
Jones, Henry
Jones, John
Jones John R
Jones, Vincent
Jordheim, Arnold
Jordheim, clarence
Jordheim, Conrad
Jordheim, Curtis
Hordheim, Harold
Jordheim, Knute N
Jordheim, Nels,
Jordheim, Norman
Jordheim, Ole
Jordheim, Oscar
Jordheim, Peter N
Jordheim, Randolph
Jordheim, Selmer
Jordheim, Terrance
Jordheim, Verdell
Jordheim, Sven
Jordheim, Syver
Jung, Henry
Juven, Tollef

Kaiser, John
Karlsbak, Jens
Kath, Fred
Kauffman, John
Keating and Bohn Families
Keech, Lloyd
Keeney, M.D.
Kelly, James B
Kelly, Raymond
Kensinger, George
Kinde, John
King, Clinton
Kinn, Mike
Kinn, Peter
Kinneberg, Torkel T
Kiteley, Dr. W.E.
Kittelson, William
Kjar, Rasmus
Kjos, Christopher J
Kjos, Henry J.I.
Kjos, I. Christian
Kjos, John C
Kjos, John J
Kjos, Peter
Kjos, Sern L
Kjos, Thomas
Klaman, Herman
Klar, Wilhelm T
Klawitter, Charles
Klemetson, Peter
Kloeppel, John Peter
Klosterman, Charles A
Klosterman, Charles J., Jr.
Klosterman, Charles J., Sr.
Klosterman, Donald
Klosterman, Joseph
Klosterman, Joseph John
Klosterman, Joseph W
Klosterman, Leo
Klosterman, Robert
Klubberud, Ole A
Knaak, Walter
Knoppy, Albert
Knoppy, Clarence John
Knoppy, Peter Albert
Knudson, Ole
Knutson, Monrad
Knutson, Ole (Aber. City)
Knutson, Ole (Eagle Twp.)
Knutson, Oliver
Knutson, Thyge
Koehler, William A
Kohoutek, Anton
Koppelman, Elfrieda Schradieck
Koppelman, Esther Schradieck
Korsvik, A.H.
Kragness, John
Kragness, Magnus
Kragness, Martin
Kragness, Peder
Kragness, Robert
Krause, Gustave
Krause, Harry
Krause, Robert C
Krause, William J
Kressin, Albert C
Kressin, Arthur A
Krogness, Edward
Krogness, Norman
Krump, Christopher
Krump, Christopher Joseph
Krump, Mathias
Krump, Max
Kruse, Edward
Kruse, Gilbert
Kube, L.W.
Kube< Reinhard
Kugler, George
Kummer, Ray A
Kurfirst, John
Kurtz, Burt
Kurtz, Henry L
Kurtz, Irvin C
Kurtz, Louis
Kurtz, Richard
Kuruc, John
Kutzer, Clarence A
Kutzer, Ferdinand

Lahren, Arnold
Lahren, Iver H
Lambertz, Hubert
Lansem, Julius
Langendorfer, Earl
Langseth, Nels
Langseth, Peter
LaMars Township
LaMars Township Feature Stories:

A Shopping Trip in 1880
Cutting Railroad Ties
Plow Shares and the Prairie
Poetry--Dakota, The Home of My Heart
Poetry--The Happy Farmer
Prairie Fires
LaMars Township Institutional Stories:
Bethany United Methodist Church
LaMars Farmers Co-Op Elevator
LaMars Schools

Larson, Anton
Larson, Bennie
Larson, Edwin S
Larson, Evan
Larson, Hans
Larson, Hjalmer O
Larson, Jens J
Larson, Levi
Larson, Lewis Otto
Larson, Manley
Larson, Ole
Larson, Otto
Larson, Peder E
Larson, Quartum
Larson, Theodore
Larsson, Karl
Lathrop, Morillo
Lauder Family
Lawrence, Charles
Lawrence, George
Lawrence, Jacob John
Lawrence, Jacob John II
Lawrence, Mathias
Lawson, William Henry
Leathart, Charles
Leathart, John
Lee, Arthur
Lee, Clayton
Lee, Edward E
Lee, Erick T
Lee, Evan
Lee, Jens
Lee, Joseph
Lee, Kittel Kittelson
Lee, Lars
Lee, Selvan
Lee, Mrs. Tina Reno Haug
Leedahl, Daniel A
Leinen, Jacob
Leinen, John
Leinen, John B
Leinen, Laurence
Lekang, Paul Olson
Leland, Theodore
Lench, William
Lenz, Gustave, Sr.
Lenz, Phillip
Lenzen, Leo
Lenzen, Leonhard
Lenzen, Peter
Leshovsky, August
Leshovsky, Henry
Liberty Grove Township
Lidgerwood City
Lidgerwood City Feature Story:
Bohemian Settlement Around Lidgerwood
Lidgerwood City Institutional Stories:
Lidgerwood Camera Club
Lidgerwood Newspapers

Liedahl, Anton
Liedahl, Daniel N
Liedahl, James
Liedahl, Nels
Liedahl, Nick
Lien, Arnold
Lien, Gunder
Lienes, Alexander
Lillegard, Ingman Emil
Lillestol, Andrew
Lillestol, Duane
Lillestol, Jacob B
Lillestol, Jerome
Lillestol, Ole P
Lillestol, Peter O
Lindblom, Jonas
Lindblom, Peter
Lindgren, Carl, Jr.
Lingen, Peter
Link, Henry
Lischefski, Archie
Little, Frank E
Lium, John J
Ljunggren, Herman
Lodahl, Clarence
Lodahl, Henry
Lodahl, Ole A
Lodahl, Oscar
Loe, John A
Loff, John
Loff, John Jr.
Lokken, Andrew J
Lokken, Beret J
Lokken, Carl J
Lokken, Gustav J
Lokken, John J
Lokken, John O
Lokken, Ole Jr.
Lokken, Ole J Sr.
Lokken, Oscar J
Loll, Benjamin
Loll, Edward
Loll, Stanley K
Lotzer, Art
Lovdokken, Jens L
Lovdokken, Ole
Lovdokken, Ulrich
Luebke, Harry
Lueck, Christ
Lueck, Christ
Luick, Arthur B
Luick, A.W.
Luick, Gordon C
Luick, LaVerne
Lum, Donald
Lum, Eldon
Lum, E.D.
Lunde, Erick B
Lunde, Ole
Lybeck, Knut
Lykken, Halvor E
Lykken, Per
Lynnes, Carl
Lynnes, Christian
Lynnes, Peter

Magenton, Peder
Mahler, William
Mahlum, Peter A
Makovsky, William Arthur
Mandt, Tom
Manikowske, George
Manikowske, Maurice
Manikowske, Thomas E
Manikowske, Thomas, Sr.
Manock, Loren
Manstrom, Alvin
Mantador City
Mantador City Feature Stories:
Blacksmithing in Mantador
Mantaodr Lumberyard
Mantador City Institutional Cities:
Men's Catholic Order of Foresters
St. Peter and Paul's Catholic Church

Marine, Charles
Martin, E.J.
Martin, Ted
Martinson, Andrew
Martinson, Iver
Mathiesen, Carl
Mathiesen, C.J. (John)
Matheson, Floyd A
Matthews, Margaret S
Mauch, Albert
Mauch, Frank
Mauch, Fred
Mauch, Leo
Mauseth, Nils O
McConn, Frank
McCusker, Bernard Patrick
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, John J
McDougall, Colin
McDougall, John, Jr.
McDougall, John Sr.
McDougall, Lloyd
McDougall, Peter
McKean, Charles A
McKinnon, Donald
McKinnon, Laurence
McKinnon, Welsh
McLeod, John
McLeod, N.F.
McMichael, Anthony (Tony)
McMichael, Robert
Mead, John Alvin
Melenovsky, John
Mellem, Gustav G
Mellgren, Rev. Dal
Menne, George
Merchant, Cyril
Mergens, Peter
Mertes, John
Meslow, Arnt
Meslow, Eugene
Meyer, Allan
Meyer, Hubert
Meyer, John
Meyer, Math C
Meyer, Math P
Michels, John Alfred
Mikkelson, Hels E
Milller, John A
Milton, Joseph Jr. (Skip)
Minar, Orsie
Mindemann, Arthur Paul
Minnehan, Wm
Mitskog, Arlington
Mitskog, Fritjof
Mitskog, Ole
Mitskog, Trond
Mittag, Carl F
Mittag, Carl J.F.
Mittag, Matilda Budack
Mitzel, Carl
Mitzel, Herman
Mitzel, William F
Mix, Maurice
Moe, Anders
Moe, Axel
Moe, Birger
Moe, Casper
Moe, Edgar Lewis
Moe, John
Moe, Lars
Moe, Ole A
Moen, Erick
Moen, Ole I
Moffett, Carmelous Corwin
Monson, Charles J
Monson, John
Monson, Syver
Moon, H. Edwin
Moon, Henry
Moon, H.L. and B.M.
Moore, Clarence E
Mooreton City
Mooreton City Feature Stories:
Feature Story--George Feneis
Mock Wedding Anecdote
Mooreton City Fire of 1895
Mooreton Hotel
Poetry--Spring, 1920
Poetry--Who Is It?
Robbery of First National Bank
Thanksgiving in Mooreton
Mooreton City Institutional Stories:
American Legion Auxiliary
Mooreton Community Club
Mooreton Farmers Elevator
Mooreton Lutheran Church
Mooreton Post Office
Mooreton School
Mooreton Telephone Office
Mooreton Town Board Members
Robert Bergman Post 283 American Legion
St. Anthony's Catholic Church
St. Anthony's Parish and the Village of Mooreton
Standard Oil Company
Teachers in the Mooreton Elementary School
Thiel Field
Women's Catholic Order of Foresters

Mooreton Township
Mooreton Township Feature Stories:
Ferd Smith. A Man With Hobbies
Mooreton Includes Antique Car in 66,335 Lbs. Scrap Iron
Our Hardest Winter
The Fairview (Adams) Farm--1916
The Woodruff Farm
Mooreton Township Institutional Stories:
Mooreton Sclhool #1
Mooreton School #2
Mooreton School #3
Mooreton School #4
St. Paul Lutheran Church-Rural Mooreton
The Economy Supply Station
The Fairview Homemakers Club
The Root Cemetery
The St. Paul Cemetery
Moran Township
Morgan, Charles
Morgan, Kenneth L
Morris, J.E.
Mosmalen, Henrik
Moulsoff, Peter
Mourer, Andrew R
Movius, John W
Muehlberg, Anson
Muellenbach, Anton
Muir, Duncan
Mundel, William E
Myers, Dennis E
Myers, John M
Myers, Marlin G
Myers, Merlyn C
Myhra, Jacob
Myhre, Gulbrand
Myhre, Maurice
Myhre, Owen
Myhre, Peder
Myhre, Selmer
Myhre, Victor
Myron, Andrew
Myron, C. Alvin
Myron, Delano
Myron, Peter W

Nagel, John F
Nagel, Louis
Nagel, Robert
Naggatz, Frank
Nansen Township
Nansen Township Feature Store:
Washday 1923
Nansen Township Institutional:
Nansen 4-H Clubs
Nansen Homemakers Club
Nansen Schools
Stearns Lutheran church and Cemeteries

Nash, Einer
Neitzel, Carl
Nellermoe Brothers
Nellermoe, Melvin
Nellermoe, Svend
Nelson, Arthur T
Nelson, Arthur W
Nelson, Charles
Nelson, Clifford
Nelson, Franklin
Nelson, George
Nelson, Hans C
Nelson, Herbert E
Nelson, Job
Nelson, John C
Nelson, Julius
Nelson, Magnus
Nelson, Nels
Nelson, Newman
Nelson, Ole
Nelson, Peter O
Nelson, Russell
Ness, C.T.
Ness, Chris
Ness, Hans J
Ness, Jens
Ness, Martin K
Neubauer, John J
Nims, Silas
Nolan, Anthony Nord, Knute
Nordstrom, Carl
Novak, Frank
Novotny, Ernest P
Novotny, Frank S
Nulph, Charles
Nulph, Daniel
Nulph, Daniel Grant
Nulph, John
Nulph, Walter
Nypen, Andrew

Oberg, Anton
Odden, Andrew
Odden, Ole O
Odegaard, Gerald
Odegaard, John
Odegaard, Nils
Odegard, Ole T
Oestreich, William
Oestrich, Job J
Oie, Lars
Oie, Iver
Olds, Andrew Jackson
Olerud, Archie
Olig, Herman Olsgard, Lloyd
Olsgard, Orvin
Olson, Albert
Olson, Anders
Olson, Arthur
Olson, Barney Adolph
Olson, C.L.
Olson, Christ
Olson, Eddie
Olson, Gerals Jr.
Olson, Gerald St.
Olson, Gordon C
Olson, Gunder
Olson, Gust (Helendale Twp.)
Olson, Gust (Homestead twp.)
Olson, Herman
Olson, Jens
Olson, John A
Olson, John G (Greendale Twp.)
Olson, John G (Walcott City)
Olson, LaVerne
Olson, Manford
Olson, Melvin
Olson, Milo J
OLson, Nick
Olson, Nils
Olson, Ole (Barrie Twp.)
Olson, Ole (Helendale Twp.)
Olson, Ole L
Olson, Oluf (Ole)
Olson, Oscar E
Olson, Oscar J
Olson, Ralph
Osborn, George
Osborn, Orval
Oscarson, Carl
Oscarson, James
Oscarson, Marvin
Oscarson, Ray E
Oslie, Andreas
Osmundson, John
Ostby, Nils
Ostby, Pete
Ostern, John C
Otterburn, Almon E. Sr
Otterson, Knut
Otterson, Ottin A
Ottis, Bernhard S
Ottis, Elder
Ottis, George Christian
Overboe, Thomas
Overby, Ingebrit H
Owens Family

Paczkowski, Elmer
Pankow, Edwin
Pankow, Fred
Parizek, Frank
Parkill, Lafayette
Parsell, Harlan C
Pasbrig, Gottlieb
Paulson, Arthur
Paulson, Charles
Pausch, Henry
Pausch, Ludwig
Pease, George W
Pease, Walter
Pechlat, John
Pedersen, Arne
Pederson, Hans Peder (Aber. Twp.)
Pederson, Hans Peder (Elma Twp.)
Pederson, Iver
Pederson, John
Peffer, John P
Peitz, Bernard
Pellman, John
Pellman, Leo
Pelvit, George H
Pelvit, Leo, Gertrude & Lela
Pelvit, Lester
Pelvit, Theresa
Pelzl, Emil
Pelzl, John
Perhus, Stengrim
Perhus, Theodore
Peterka, Frank
Peterson, Albert(Aber. Twp.)
Peterson, Albert (Homestead Twp.)
Peterson, Arnold
Peterson, ARthur O
Peterson, Carl
Peterson, Eddie
Peterson, Edward
Peterson, Erick
Peterson, Melvin
Peterson, Michael O
Peterson, Nels
Peterson, Richard M
Pfister, Dr. H.H.
Pierson, Earl
Pikarski, Joseph
Pikarski, Mike
Pinkham, Raymond
Pinkney, Charles P
Place, Irene Hoefs
Pokorny, John
Polda, Peter
Polda, Thomas
Popp, Paul
Poppen, George G
Poppen, George Jr.
Poppen, Merven
Portner, Sebastian
Poss, David John
Poss, NOrbert L
Poss, Robert J
Prall, Ezra
Pribbernow, Freidrick
Prochnow, Alfred
Puetz, Cletus M
Purdy, E.M.

Quam, Jens J
Quamme, Andrew
Quamme, Andrew A
Quamme, Darrel
Quamme, H. Theodore
Quamme, Henry
Quamme, Herb
Quamme, James A
Quamme, R. Paul
Quarum, John T
Quarum, Marcus Johan
Quarum, Thorvald J


Rackow, John
Radcliffe, Joseph
Radcliffe, Robert
Radcliffe, Tom W
Radloff, Frank
Radovich, Joseph Steven
Radovich, Nicholas Anthony
Radovich, Stephen
Rasmussen, Martin
Rasmussen, Rasmus
Reese, Glen
Rehmet, Joseph L
Reiland, Albert E
Reiland, Matthew
Reistad, Christian O
Retterath, John
Retterath, Matthias
Reyelts, Marcus C
Reynolds, Howard
Rezac, James
Rhodenbaugh, Frank
Rickert-McMichael Families
Rieger, John
Riemann, William Sr.
Ripley, O.D.
Ritten, Marvin
Robertsdahl, Christian
Rockstad, Severin
Rode, Fred
Rockow, Ferdinand
Rockstad, Oscar
Rodsberg, Carl
Roeder, August Louis
Rohrenbach, Fred
Rolie, Elmer (Harry)
Ronning, Joseph
Rostad, Ingman
Rostad, John
Rostad, Otto J
Roth, John
Rossum, Ralph
Rubish Family
Rud, Christ
Ruddy Family
Rudlang, John
Rudolph, Guido
Rustvang, Alvin
Rustvang, Andrew R
Rustvang, Carl
Rustvang, Wallace H
Rudd, Kolbjorn
Rydell, Andrew G

Sagvold, Andrew
Sanders, A.M.
Sanden, Gilbert O
Sandness, Rev. Albert
Sauter, Joseph A
Scheidegger, Alfred
Scheller, George E
Scheller, John B
Schevelas, Bernt
Schiller, Anthony F
Schiller, Margaret (Sister Zita)
Schiller, Joseph
Schiltz, John Sr.
Schiltz, Math
Schlener, Frank E
Schlener, George
Schmidt, Max
Schmitt, Mike
Schmitt, Joe
Schmitt, John
Schmitt, Sabastian
Schmitz, John
Schneider, Frank
Schneider, Fritz Sr.
Schonardt, Othmar J
Schouweiller, B.W.
Schradieck, Elmer
Schradieck, Henry
Schradieck, Raymond
Schram, Catherine
Schram, J.D.
Schreiner, Mike
Schroeder, Emil
Schroeder, John
Schuett, William
Schuler Family
Schultz, James R
Schulz, Richard
Schutt, Ernest
Schutt, Carl
Schwinghammer, Henry
Scramstad, Martin A
Scribner, W. Worrell
Scribner, William H
Score, Clarence R
Score, Eddie
Score, Edwin
Score, Erick
Score, John
Score, Ole Jr
Score, Ole Sr
Scoville, Wesley C
Seefeldt, Paul
Selland, Gustav
Selzer, Forest
Selzer, John
Sether, Rueben (Ben) W
Severson, Larry Vernell
Sheleny, Frank
Sheyenne Township
Sheyenne Township Feature Stories:
Martin Ranch Rodeos
Prairie Fire burns Dovre Church
The Dirty Thirties
The Unique Sheyenne Kitcehn Band
Sheyenne Township Institutional Stories:
Dovre and Normanna Church
Richland County 4-H Camp
Schools of Sheyenne Township
Zion Lutheran Church

Shorma, Vencel
Sikorski, Martin
Simle, Knute
Simonson, andrew
Sire, Kermit
Sitte, Albert
Sitte, Carl
Skaarvold, Anders
Skaarvold and Score
Skabo, Nels
Skamfer, Lars
Skare, Niles
Skarvold, Arnold
Skarvold, Arnt
Skarvoll, John
Skjonsby, Julius J
Skovholt, Neal
Skovolt, Nels
Skrukrud, Mathias K
Skulte, Knut
Sletmoe, Philip
Sletting, Odin
Slotten, Andrew
Slotten, Harold R
Smith, Ferdinand J
Smith, Harvey
Smith, Julius
Smith, Lloyd
Sneen, Anders
Snider, James
Snyder, Fred Jr
Snyder, Fred Sr
Snyder, Frederick C
Snyder, George
Snyder, John
Snyder, Porter A
Snyder, Roy
Sokness, Carnel
Sokness, John
Sokness, Oliver
Solberg, Andrew J
Solberg, Carl
Solberg, Ole J
Solhjem, Arthur
Solhjem, Fred J
Solhjem, Frederick I
Solhjem, Harry
Solhjem, Iver F
Soljhem, John F
Sorbel, Chris
Sorbel, Knute
Sorum, C.M.
Souder, John
Soule, Andrew
Speiser, Henry
Spelhaug, Cleber
Spelhaug, Edny
Spelhaug, Lars
Springer, Alonzo
Springer, Harley
Spring, Myron
Springer, Orville
Springer, Roy A
Srnka, Albert
Staber, Henry
Stafne, Erick
Stallman, Joseph
Standy, Mikkel
Staples, Frank
Starin, Adam E
Starin, Oliver Eugene
Steele, Dr. C.C.
Steffens, Albert E
Stelton, Wm.
Stensrud, Andrew
Stensrud, Elbert
Stensrud, Johan
Stern, Aaron
Stevens, Volney Sr.
Stoltenow, Charles
Stoltenow, Earl
Stoltenow, Friedrick
Stoltenow, Herman
Stoltenow, Manville
Stoltenow, Reinhold
Stoltenow, Rueben
Stoltenow, Terry
Stone, Harry
Stone, Howard
Storbakken, Alvin
Strand, Clarence N
Strand, Holbert J
Strand, Ingmar
Strand, John E
Strand, John O
Strand, Oscar J
Strand, Percy
Strandberg, John
Strege, Albert W
Strege, Friedrich
Strubel, Ferdinand
Strubel, Paul
Strubel, Robert
Stubson, Gerald
Stubson, Peter
Sturdevant, Charles
Sturgess, John
Suess, William
Summit Township
Summit Township Institutional Stories:
History of Tyler
Lubenow Cemetery
St. John's Lutheran Church of Tyler
St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Sunde, Halvor Sr
Svenddal, Thorleif
Swanson, August
Swanson, Clarence
Swanson, Donald R
Swanson, Nels
Swanson, Olaf
Swanson, Theodore
Swenson, Irving
Swenson, Oscar
Swiggum, Iver O
Syverson, Carl O
Syverson, Ole
Syvertssen, Hans A
Syvertsen, Larry


Tarr, E.L.
Taylor, Daniel
Tehle, Albert J
Templeton, Charles
Tetzlaff, Gerald A
Theisen, Joseph
Thiel, Herman
Thiel, John
Thiel, John M
Thiel, Peter
Thiel, Peter H
Thiel, Paul
Thiel, Wilbert
Thielman, Carl and Herman
Thiseth, Andrew P
Thoe, Archie
Thoe, Erick L
Thoen, Olaves
Thompson, Albert
Thompson, Alfred G
Thompson, George
Thompson, Grover
Thompson, Hellik
Thompson, Helmer O
Thompson, John K
Thompson, J.M.
Thompson, John Wm.
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, Oscar (Helendale Twp.)
Thompson, Oscar (Viking Twp.)
Thompson, Ray
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, William H
Thorstad, Carl K
Thue, Albert D
Thurmer, Albert
Tietz, Frank
Tingum, Art
Tisdel, Henry
Tisdel, Thomas B
Tiseth, John
Tollefson, Tollef P
Toppen, Helmer
Toppen, Ole
Torgerson, Amound
Torgerson, Peder
Traeger, Ambrose Sr
Trangsrud, Alfred
Trangsrud, Arvid
Tribke, John
Trinka Family --5 Generations
Trinka, Harley
Trittin, Carl and Fredrick
Trove, Erick
Trove, Ole
Trudell, James Albert
Tuttle, Charles A
Tuttle, Noah William
Tverdahl, Rasmus
Tveter, Hans
Tveter, Harry M
Tweto, A.K.
Tyson, Lewis
Tyson, William

Ujka, John
Ulness, Engebret
Ulness, Martin
Ulness, Ole Erlandson
Ulness, Randolph E
Ulsaker, Einar
Ulsaker, Ingolf
Ulsaker, Knut
Ulsaker, Ole K
Ulteig, Haldor E
Ulven, Christian
Ulven, Eddie
Unger, Christ


Van Arnam, George
Van Arnam, George
Vanderwerff, George, Sr.
Vangsness, Clifford
Vangsness, Ole Knudtsen
Sangsness, Samuel M
Vaplon, Frank
Vaplon, Conrad
Vaughan, Harvey A
Veit, Frank W
Veit, Frank Sr
Veit, Richard Jr.
Veit, Richard Sr
Veit, Robert
Versdahl, Andrew
Versdahl, Herman
Versdahl, Julius
Versdahl, Oscar
Vertin, Frank
Viking Township
Viking Township Feature Stories:

Side Lights
Olene, the Hello Girl
The Blizzard of 1945
Viking Townshlip Institutional Stories:
The Viking Church Cemeteries
The Women of Viking Church
Viking Lutheran Church
Viking Lutheran Church
Viking Schools

Vogeler, John
Vold, Ole Jenson
Vosberg, John
Voyen, A.W.oO
Voyen, Ole O
Voyen, Thomas

Wacha, Frank E
Wacha, John
Wacha, John J
Wacha, Peter
Wagner, Terry L
Wahl, Ruby Schradieck
Wahler, Herman
Wahpeton City
Wahpeton City Feature Stories:
Anecdotes of Life on the Prairie
Oliver Huss -- Experiences in the Royal Air Force
The Feud

Wahpeton City Institutional Stories:
Bethel Lutheran Church
Chamber of Commerce
Clerk of Court
Coast to Coast Business
County Superintendent of Schools
Emery Greenhouse
First National Bank
Historical Society of Richland County
Wahpeton City History
Home Mutual Ins. Company
Kiwanis Club
Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative
North Dakota State School of Science
Ottertail Power Company
P.E.O. Chapter J
Register of Deeds
Richland County Auditor
Richland County Treasurer's Office
Rosemeade Pottery
Rotary Club
St. Adalbert's Church
St. John the Evangelist Church
Trinity Episcopal Church
United Church of Christ
United Methodist Church
Wahpeton Clinic
Wahpeton Drug Company
Wahpeton National Bank
Wahpeton Public Schools

Waitman, John William
Walaker, John
Walberg, Andrew
Walberg, Carl S
Walcott City
Walcott city Feature Stories:
A Pioneer Funeral
Albert Halvorson Story
Andreas Jersin
Christmas in the 20's
Home Remedies
My Father, the Lawman
School Days
Sheyenne Roller Mill
The Frederick Flaa Family Memories
The 1918 Flu
The Sarah Russell Story
The Spirit of the Old Pioneers
Walcott City Institutional Stories:
Cash Store
Corner STore
Gol Cemetery
Grain Elevators of Walcott
Perhus Cemetery
Pleasant Consolidated School
South Pleasant and Christine Cemetery
South Pleasant Cemetery
South Pleasant Church
Walcott American Legion Auxiliary
Walcott American Legion Hagen-Helgeson #166
Walcott Busy Bees
Walcott Cemetery
Walcott Hotel
Walcott Lutheran Church
Walcott Public School

Walcott Township
Waldo Township
Wallock, Peter
Walter, Elmer
Walter, Eugene
Walter, Fred
Walter, Jacob
Walter, Paul
Ward, Lester
Ward, William T
Wateland, Maurice
Wateland, Torger
Wawers, Nick
Waxweiler, James
Waxweiler, Mathias
Webb, W.E.
Weber, Frank
Weber, John
Weber, John P
Weber, William A
Wefel, August
Welge, Gustav
Weniger, Math
West End Township
West End Township Feature Stories:
Highlights of a Typical Farming Year for Andrew Lillestol and His Family
My Most Unforgettable Character

Wetherbee, E.W.
Wettstein, Elmer
Wettstein, Richard Michael
White, Charles
White, Jacob
White, Patrick
White, Patrick
Whitehead, Charles
Whitehead, Charles
Widhalm, Lawrence
Wien, Erick
Wigtil, Peter N
Williams, Grover
Williams, Clark
Williams, Clifford
Williams, Howard
Williams, John
Williams, T.P.
Williams, WAde T
Williamson, William
Willprecht, Arnold
Wilm, Fred
Wilwerding, Math
Winefeld, Louis
Winje, Lewis
Winther, Aksel
Winther, Johannes
Wipperman, Max I
Wisnaes, Rev. R.J.
Wisnewski, Robert J
Wittenburg, Wally
Witt, Carl
Witt, Henry
Wodarz, Russell Lorenz
Wohlwend, Benedict
Wolf, Alfred
Wold, Christian I
Wold, Alfred
Wold, Christian I
Wold, Earl
Wold, Eddie
Wold, Einar
Wold, George
Wold, Ingvald J
Wold, Jens O
Wold, Johann Hjalmer
Wold, Lars
Wold, Martin
Wold, Melvin
Wold, Odin J
Wold, Olaf J
Wold, Olaf
Wold, Ole H
Wold, Peder J
Wold, Peder O
Wold, Purdon D
Wold, Robert O
Wolfe, Franz Jacob
Wollitz, Carl
Woodbury, Herbert
Workin, Raydon
Worner, George I
Worner, George II
Worner, Oscar
Worner, Philip
Wurl, William
Wyndmere City
Wyndmere City Institutional Stories: Memorial Aid
Race Tracks and Ball Diamonds
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Service Organizations
The Civic Club
United Methodist Church
Volunteer Fire Department
Wyndmere Lutheran Church
Wyndmere Schools

Wyndmere Township
Wyndmere Township Feature Stories:

As George Mathiesen Remebers early Wyndmere and Vicinity
Harvest in Wyndmere Township
Life on the Wild Rice River
Scandinavian Traditions
Weather Reflections
Wyndmere Township Institutional Stories:
Elk Creek Cemetery
Happy Homemakers of Wyndmere Township
Wyndmere Township Birthday Club
Wyndmere Township Schools

Zajac, Victor
Zander, Carl
Zenker, Helmuth
Zick, Robert Sr
Ziegelman, Howard
Ziegelman, Otto
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