Friends of the Brampton Church

Friends of the Brampton Church Reverend Andrew "Wally" Anderson was a pastor at the Brampton Lutheran Church. He is now serving a church in Malvern, Ohio.
Susan Anderson is the wife of Pastor Anderson and has taught school and done substitute teaching.
Andrew Anderson is the son of Pastor and Susan Anderson. He is a student at this time.
Sarah Anderson is the daughter of Pastor and Susan Anderson. She is a junior high student.

Izetta Colvin is a retired postmaster. She and her sister, Esther Carpenter, have Norwegian ancestry. Photo of Izetta.

Agnes Cooper was a postmaster in Brampton for many years, then she took a position in Havana until she retired. She has lived on the Cooper homeplace near Brampton all her life. She was an avid bowler for many years and had several 200 games. She was an active supporter of the Brampton Lutheran Church until it was closed. Agnes' mother was 100 percent Norwegian. Her grandmother was Martha Bakke Larson who told her daugher, Ada Severson Cooper, that she came from Trondheim. She married Ed Severson in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, and all of their seven children where born in the Clear Lake area. Martha and Ed came to Brampton in 1902 and both are buried in Old Sargent Cemetery near Brampton. Photo of Agnes.
Ruth Cooper grew up on the homeplace where she and her sister, Agnes, still live. She took piano lessons during her early years and became an accomplished pianist. Ruth started teaching in Cogswell and went back to school summers to complete her degree at Ellendale Teacher's College. She taught music for a number of years in Havana and Rutland and then taught second grade until her retirement. She played the organ at the Brampton Lutheran Church for 55 years and will be playing at the church while in Norway. Photo of Ruth.

Wendy Cooper is married to Ruth and Agnes Cooper's nephew, Glenn Cooper. She is an accountant at the Langford Elevator. In her spare time she likes to do crafts. She took the pictures in the on-line scrapbook of the Brampton Church and plans to complete the project while in Norway.

Hiram Drache is a retired history teacher from Concordia College in Moorhead , Minnesota. He has written several books on American agriculture. Photo of Hiram.
Ada Drache has edited Hiram's books. Photo of Ada.

Lila Erickson and her husband farmed in the Milnor, North Dakota area. Her husband died this winter of cancer. Lila also has a home in Arizona where she spends the cold months. Photo of Lila.

Sheila and Bill Froemke are farmers in the Litchfield, N.D. area. Sheila's grandmother, Minnie Stout, was a Cooper. The Stouts farmed in the Brampton area all their lives. Sheila's mother, Rhoda Stout, played the organ and directed the choir at the Brampton Church. Sheila and Bill's daughter, Holly Giralte, will be joining the group on the tour of Norway.

Judy Sheppard Huber is a farm wife who is the Editorial Coordinator for the Farm Forum which is part of the Aberdeen American News. She drives 100 miles round-trip to Aberdeen each day she works which is about four days a week. She is also very interested in genealogy and is Editor of the South Dakota Genealogical Society Quarterly. She has been working very hard on finding her Norwegian great-grandparents. Neither one left a clear picture of where in Norway they were from. Judy and her family are members of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Bowdle, SD. She is a niece of Agnes and Ruth Cooper. Photo of Judy.
Rosann Huber is the daughter of Oscar and Judy Huber. She has just completed the seventh grade at Bowdle School. She plays flute in the band and is active in basketball and cheerleading. The great love of her life is cats. Starting a few years ago with one cat, she now has twenty that require feeding and watering each day. Her biggest disappointment is the lack of a horse on the farm. She is the great-niece of Agnes and Ruth Cooper. Photo of Rosann.

Marian Raines was a former member of the Brampton Lutheran Church. She was a bank teller in South Dakota.

Betty and Leo Rust are farmers in the Brampton area. Leo was the last president of the Brampton Lutheran Church Congregation turning the key over to the Norwegians in 1996. Betty has done much of the work of organizing the trip to Norway and the tour after the dedication. Their son and daughter-in-law, Don and Tami Rust, are also going on the trip. Photo of Betty. Photo of Leo.

Jean Schaller is a sister to Marian Raines. She works as a medical techniologist.

Reverend Barb Sikkink was part of the last team of pastors at the Brampton Lutheran Church. Since the closing of the church Pastor Barb and her husband have moved to Arizona where she is a hospice chaplain. Photo of Pastor Barb.
Reverend Gene Sikkink was part of the last team of pastors at the Brampton Lutheran Church. He has since retired in Arizona and is presently writing. Photo of Pastor Gene.

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