Fred and Minnie Almyra (Goutermont) George

Fred and Minnie Almyra (Goutermont) George Minnie Almyra Goutermont was the third of five children born to Franklin and Jane (Carter) Goutermont. She was born September 9, 1871, in Minnesota. She was probably born in Dodge County, but I donít have that documented.

Minnie married Fred George on December 25, 1887, at Wasioja, Dodge County, MN. That Marriage Certificate is on file at the Recorders Office of Dodge County.

Fred died March 28,1909, in Ransom Township, Sargent County, ND. This information was not located at Sargent County, but the Death Certificate was obtained from the State.

The Death Certificate indicates he was born at Cannon Falls, MN, to Moses George, born in Jefferson County, NY, and Lucretia Lewis, born in Indiana. Fred died at age 44 years, 3 months, and 22 days, therefore his birth date would be December 6, 1864. He was buried at Cayuga, Sargent County, ND, on March 31, 1909.

Minnie and her seven children are enumerated in the 1910 U.S. Census, Cayuga Village, Sargent County, North Dakota. The census was taken on April 26, 1910, and Minnie is a widow by that time.

Minnie died in Sargent County, ND, on June 14, 1910, and is buried in Cayuga. The Death Record indicates Minnie was born September 9, 1871, in Minnesota. She married at age 16, and her mother was Jane Carter.

We were told by the County official at Forman that Birth and Death records are not available, by state law, to the public. We were given the information verbally, but not allowed to see the document or obtain a copy of anything.

There is a "guardianship" legal document, filed in Sargent County, dated April 15, 1909. This action dealt only with the son, Harold (the oldest son, Harry, was already an adult). It indicated that Harold was 17 years of age on September 21, 1908, and one of the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy on his father.

Of interest on that document is that the name was originally listed as Harold M. George, with the middle name apparently spelled out. Sometime later the middle name was erased, then the middle initial and middle name area was crossed out, and a new middle name of "Franklin" was inserted. Franklin was his grandfatherís name.

There is a second document on file at Sargent County, a "Petition for Guardianship", dated July 6, 1910. This action appoints their grandmother, Jane Goutermont, as guardian following Minnieís death. The children listed are: Genieve (Genevieve?; age 16), Gertrude J. (age 13), Mina E. (age 10), Leonard (age 7), and Dorris W. (age 4). It notes that Harry declined to accept the guardianship.

Minnie and Fred are buried in the Cayuga Cemetery at Cayuga. There is a large stone marked "GEORGE", which is visible from outside the gate, near the top of a slight rise. There are two small markers behind the main stone, one for Minnie and one for Fred.

MINNIE A. GEORGE, Born Sept. 9, 1892; Died June 14, 1910; Age 38 yrs, 9 mos, 5 ds.

FRED GEORGE, Born Dec. 6, 1865; Died Mar. 28, 1909; Age 44 yrs, 3 mos, 33 ds.

It is noted that Minnieís birth year should be 1871, which would agree with her Death Certificate as well as the age at time of death. Likewise, Fredís birth year should be 1864, which would agree with his Death Certificate and age at time of death.

We were told that the community added many of the gravestones at some later time. The above is probably just a matter of "bad math" when converting age and death date to a birth year.

There are Social Security "Death Records" on the following:

Leonard George; SS#571-05-9274; born March 15, 1903; died Sept. 1984. This is consistent with the known age of Minnieís youngest son.

Dorris L. Collins; SS#496-03-4001; born October 14, 1905; died December 14, 1991. This is also consistent with the age of Minnieís youngest daughter, the unusual spelling of "Dorris", and family information that she married a "Collins."

Harry George; SS#468-12-5900; born August 9, 1889; died July 1964. Again, this is consistent with the age of the oldest child.

The above Social Security records have not been pursued for further information.

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