Sargent County History Books

Past and current residents of Sargent County will be pleased to know that my books on The History of Sargent County 
are now available.  
My name is Susan Kudelka and I was raised in Forman.  My books which so far consist of three volumes on the history 
of the county are avaliable at, and at various locations throughtout Sargent County and 
other neighboring counties.  Over the next few years, there will also be several more volumes avalibable.  The books 
were printed by McCleery and Sons Publishing a division of J & M Printing Company in Gwinner, ND, which is also 
located in Sargent County.  Hope you enjoy them.


The first book is called The Early History of Sargent County Volume 1. It was released in December 2003 and was published 
by McCleery and Sons Publishing. It is a non-fiction book about the history of Sargent County.

There will be several more volumes released over the next two years. Volumes 2 and 3 should be coming out soon.
Volume 1 has 35 chapters and is 259 pages with many photos.
The chapters are: 
Glacial Movement in Sargent County; 
Early History of Sargent County; 
Native Americans in Sargent County; 
Nicollett and Fremont; 
The Quartzite Border; 
Acquiring Land in North Dakota/Sargent County; 
Ransom City Memories of the Summer of 1883; 
Fight for the County Seat; 
The Little Old Sod Shanty on the Claim; 
Prayer Rock.

There is also a chapter on the history of each township in Sargent County. 
Sargent County has 24 townships. 
So there is a chapter on the history of each of these townships. 
Whitestone Hill 

About the Author - information from the book.
  Growing up in Forman, North Dakota, Susan has spent her life traveling throughout North Dakota 
visiting every type of historical site and museum. She credits her parents, Roger and Shirley Kudelka 
of Forman, as well as her late Grandfather Earl Heath, for helping her to develop an interest and respect 
for history at an early age. This early love of history eventually led her to a summer job working for 
the Sargent County Museum. Throughout her high school and college years, Susan was given the chance 
to work on a variety of museum projects. It was during this time that Susan became very familiar with 
the history of Sargent County and the surrounding area. 
  After graduating from Sargent Central High School, Susan studied history at Dickinson State University 
and Minnesota State University Moorhead, where in May 2002, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree 
in History. Rather than follow the typical career path of today's college graduates, Susan was determined 
to follow her dream of becoming a historical author. Her first book, March on the Dakota's 
The Sibley Expedition of 1863 was released early in the spring of 2003. Since then, Susan has been spending 
the majority of her time working on the Early History of Sargent County, which will consist of several volumes 
over the next two years. Susan was also ghost writer and editor of Al Saunders' book, As It Happened. 
Susan currently resides in Fargo, North Dakota.

The book can be purchased at and

Susan's other book on Sibley is also of interest to Sargent County. The Expedition went through Sargent County. 
They made two camps in the county. One on Lake Tewaukon, called Camp Parker and one at present day Milnor, 
called Camp Buell. 

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