Itinerary of the Friends of
Brampton Lutheran Church

Itinerary of the Friends of Brampton Lutheran Church
July 2 (Wednesday) group leaves Fargo for Minneapolis where we will board a 3:20 p.m. flight for Norway. We will probably stop over in Amsterdam.

July 3 (Thursday) we arrive in Bergen in the morning after about a seven hour flight. It sounds like our host families will meet us here and accompany us on the hour trip to Sletta. No other plans have been made for this day as we will need time to adjust to the new time and overcome our jet lag.

July 4 (Friday) is the first of the celebration planned in Sletta. This day will be devoted to the history of the church and the process of moving and restoring it. The workers, contributors and attendees will gather together.

July 5 (Saturday) emigration of Norwegians to America will be the topic of the day. There will be a seminar on emigration focusing on the special events of emigration. In the evening a special session is planned to memorialize our mutual past. The center still strive to reunite ties and contacts between descendants of emigrants and descendants of those remaining in Norway.

July 6 (Sunday) will be the rededication of the church along with unveiling 4 or 5 stone memorials to the history of Emigration to America. The evening concert by the Lutheran Brethren Men's Choir of Mankato, MN, will conclude the weekend celebration.

July 7 (Monday) part of the group will depart for the U.S., the remaining group will begin a tour of western Norway. We will board buses for Bergen where we will have a guided tour of the city in the morning. Lunch and the hotel will be near the fish market in the center of Bergen. The afternoon will be on our own to explore the city.

July 8 (Tuesday) we leave Bergen for the Hardanger Fjord, driving through Nesttun, Arna, Tysse, and over Kvamskogen. Lunch will be on the boat during the tour of the Hardanger Fjord.

July 9 (Wednesday) we travel to Voss, the exact route is not known at this time. Most of our day will be on our own in Voss.

July 10 (Thursday) we travel over the Flam Railraod from Myrdal. The Flam Railroad goes through 20 tunnels and drops 3,000 feet in 12.5 miles. After meeting up with our bus we will continue to Geiteryggen, Hol, Gol, and Nesbyen where will be stay over night.

July 11 (Friday) we will drive through Noresund and Honefoss on our way to Oslo. Arriving about lunch time we will meet a local guide who will show us the main attractions of the city.

July 12 (Saturday) we depart Norway from Fornebu Airport at 7:20 a.m. With our westward journey we gain time and arrive in Minneapolis about 1 p.m. and will arrive back in Fargo before supper.

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