Sargent County 1900 Federal Census

Below is information that is necessary to read to understand how to find the 1900 Census image page(s) you are looking for. At the bottom you will find a link that will take you to the archive containing the census image pages (courtesy of Joe Zsedeny). If you have any questions, I'm just an e-mail away.
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The 1900 Sargent County, North Dakota, Census contains 154 pages (census images) in Enumeration Districts 155 through 159.
The following pages were not copied from the microfilm, as they are blank: 157-03B, 157-12B, 157-15B, 157-18B, 157-22B, 159-04B, 159-06B, and 159-12B.
Pages 158-14A through 158-15A are misnumbered on the film.
The name of each image file includes both the Enumeration District and the page number.

The following is a breakdown showing which county subdivisions are enumerated in each Enumeration District:
Verner Township: 155-01A through 155-03A
Denver Township: 155-03B through 155-04A
Vivian Township: 155-04B through 155-06A, 155-09B through 155-10B
Harlem Township: 155-06B through 155-07B
Bourn Township: 155-08A through 155-09B
South West Township: 156-01A through 156-01B
Jackson Township: 156-02A through 156-03B
Sargent Township: 156-04A through 156-07A
Brampton Township: 156-07B through 156-09A
Taylor Township: 156-09B through 156-11A
Forman Township: 156-11B through 156-12B
Forman Village: 156-13A through 156-16A
White Stone Hill Township: 157-01A through 157-04B, 157-22A
Willey Township: 157-05A through 157-06B
Dunbar Township: 157-07A through 157-11B
Ransom Township: 157-12A through 157-18A
Rutland Township: 157-19A through 157-21B, 157-23A
Kingston Township: 158-01A through 158-04A
Lake Township: 158-04B through 158-06B, 158-14A
Tewaukon Township: 158-07A through 158-09A, 158-14B through 158-15A
Weber Township: 158-09B through 158-13B
Milnor Township: 159-01A through 159-02B
Village of Milnor: 159-03A through 159-07B
Hall Township: 159-08A through 159-12A
Herman Township: 159-13A through 159-15B
Shuman Township: 159-16A through 159-19A

Click here to see the list of image files for Sargent County 1900 Census. Thank you Joe Zsedeny for this contribution.
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