Sargent County 1930 Federal Census

Below is information that is necessary to read to understand how to find the 1930 Census image page(s) you are looking for. At the bottom you will find a link that will take you to the archive containing the census image pages (courtesy of Joe Zsedeny). If you have any questions, I'm just an e-mail away. Char Kibbie

The 1930 Sargent County, North Dakota, Census contains 210 pages (census images) in Enumeration Districts 01 through 30.
(The full Enumeration District citations are actually 41-01 through 41-30, but 41 is merely the code number for all of Sargent County in the 1930 Census.)
Page 27-02B was not copied from the microfilm, as it is blank.
The name of each image file is the Enumeration District number and the page number.
The following is a breakdown showing which county subdivisions are enumerated in each Enumeration District:

Bowen Township: ED 01
Brampton Township: ED 02
Cayuga Village, Kinston & Ransom Townships: ED 03
Cogswell Village, Sargent Township: ED 04
Denver Township: ED 05
Dunbar Township: ED 06
Town of Forman: ED 07
Forman Township: ED 08
Hall Township: ED 09
Harlem Township: ED 10
Havana Village, Weber Township: ED 11
Herman Township: ED 12
Jackson Township: ED 13
Kingston Township: ED 14
Marboe Township: ED 15
Milnor City, Milnor Township: ED 16
Milnor Township: ED 17
Ransom Township: ED 18
Rutland Township: ED 19
Rutland Village: ED 20
Sargent Township: ED 21
Shuman Township: ED 22
Southwest Township: ED 23
Taylor Township: ED 24
Tewaukon Township: ED 25
Verner Township: ED 26
Vivian Township: ED 27
Weber Township: ED 28
White Stone Hill Township: ED 29
Willey Township: ED 30

Here's a map showing the boundaries of the Enumeration Districts in the 1930 Census.
Click here to see the list of image files for Sargent County 1930 Census. Thank you Joe Zsedeny for this contribution.
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