(Old Selfridge Cemetery)
(Hepper Cemetery)
(Selfridge Baptist Cemetery)

Located in Golden Wealth Township - Map of the Area
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It is not clear and at times confusing about this cemetery.
FindAGrave indicates the cemetery name is "Golden Wealth Cemetery" and also known as "Old Selfridge Cemetery" and states it is about a mile south of Selfridge. Inquiry to the writer of the FindAGrave description indicates a visit to the cemetery never occurred but the information came from some non-identified records. [Note: this writer believes that the cemetery about a mile south of Selfridge is the "St. Philomena Catholic Cemetery," originally "Klingler Cemetery."]
The "Selfridge, North Dakota Diamond Anniversary" book, in the biographies section, references the Golden Wealth Cemetery as about 4 1/2 miles southwest of Selfridge which comes close to the location of the "Hepper Cemetery" (also known as "Selfridge Baptist Cemetery") described in the James River Genealogy book [see below].
The "Cemeteries of Sioux County North Dakota" by the James River Genealogy Club, records "Hepper Cemetery" also known as "Selfridge Baptist Cemetery" showing six burials. Three of them are from the Hepper Family, members of a Baptist church. The book's description on how to get to the cemetery is very close to the location described in the Selfridge Diamond Anniversary book.
The result is that until resolved by someone who actually sees/documents the cemetery, and since all of the described cemeteries appear to be in the same general area, the four names are the same cemetery and will be used herein.

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( Surnames: Rose, Black, Hinton, Hepper, Walker - as of August 2016)

* From James River Genealogy Club. There is no road to this cemetery but is accessible through a field. Follow the road south on the west side of Selfridge [note: 26th 1/2 Street (might be an Avenue) until deadend], thence a half mile west [note: 96th Street] to 27th Avenue, then about three miles south, then about a mile west along the north fence of section 21. Cemetery is fenced and abandoned at the north end of a large field.