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South of the Cannonball,
A History of Sioux, The War Bonnet County
By May E. Hinton
Washburn Printing Center,
Grand Forks, North Dakota
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Michele Vietz
Census Report Lookups:
  • Dakota Territory - 1860-1885
  • Standing Rock Reservation, U.S. Indian Census Rolls - 1885-1939
  • Standing Rock Reservation - 1900, 1910 Federal Census
  • North Dakota State Census - 1915, 1925
  • Federal Census - 1920-1940
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    Cemeteries of Sioux County North Dakota:
  • 2004
  • 41 Cemeteries
  • Marker Inscriptions
  • Burials Without Markers
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    Please respect the following guidelines when making a LookUp Request from the Volunteers:

    If you request a lookup from one of the above volunteers, please:
  • Unless otherwise indicated, the volunteers are providing information from published resources and they do NOT live in Sioux County or have the opportunity to do on-site research at Sioux County locations.
  • Limit each request to one name at a time.
  • Searching in source material doesn't guarantee results will be as we would like; however, the volunteer still puts forth the same (if not more) effort in the search.
  • The courtesies of "please and thank-you" are especially appropriate when someone is kindly volunteering to help you. In addition you might consider reimbursing the volunteer for at least expenses incurred in helping you out but this should be discussed between you and the volunteer only.

    If you own or have access to any Sioux County resources, (such as census, cemetery, marriage, newspaper abstracts), and are willing to do lookups for other Sioux County researchers, please contact Mike Peterson. Let me know which references you have and I will add your name to the volunteers on this page.

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