Sioux County Pioneer
Fort Yates
Thursday, 12 January 1922
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Henry Zahn Passes
After Long Illness

Henry Zahn of Solen passed away peacefully Saturday [Note: 7 January; birth 1 April 1888] noon at the Agency hospital, a victim at last of the great white plague, after having combatted it for fully sixteen years. His death was not unexpected as he had been drifting nearer the great beyond for the last three months. During that time his wife, mother, father and as many of his brothers and sisters as could arrange their affairs so as to be here, were by his side.
The funeral was held Sunday in St. Peter's church where the last respects to the dead were paid by the many friends of the deceased.
Henry Zahn was born at Cannon Ball April 1st, 1888. He was a son of Wm. Zahn, one of the earliest pioneers of this county. He married Miss Josephine Halsey, a daughter of the late Wm. Halsey, another well-remembered pioneer. He is survived by his wife, mother, father and four brothers and six sisters. He was a good man in the true sense of the word, and the sympathy of the community is extended his relatives in their sorrow.

Card of Thanks

We take this means of expressing our sincerest thanks to those in Fort Yates and Solen who so kindly aided us in caring for our loving husband, son and brother during his last illness and death. We wish especially to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Z. Laughlin, Mrs. Nellie Schoenhutt and other nurses, Supt. E. D. Mossman, J. M. Carignan, Sr. and Hokanson Bros.
Mrs. Josephine Zahn,
Wm. Zahn and family