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Hauge Norske Evangelical Lutheran Kvinde Forening
American Lutheran Church

Blanchard, North Dakota

Reverend 0 J Malkewick of Galesburg, became interested in the Lutheran people of Blanchard who had no church services. He announced a service to be held there Sunday. September 6 1908.
In October. 1908, Reverend Malkewick discussed the organization of a Ladies Aid. The ladies. Mrs Presbo, Mrs Louis Stockmoe, Mrs Andrew Peterson, Mrs. Sunby, Mrs. Ole Grimstvedt, Annie Seim, Mrs. A Olson, Mrs. Digre, Mrs. J Olson, Mrs. Arnt Melting, Mrs. John Reinan, and Mrs. Annie Peterson. along with other members, pledged membership and drafted a constitution, selecting the name "Hauge Norske Evangelical Lutheran Kvinde Forening." The first meetings in the homes were conducted in Norwegian The hymn books, purchased, contained both Norwegian and English. Reverend Malkewick attended all the meetings, making the trip with horses, from his home in Galesburg.
With the growing interest in the church, came a desire for a building. The bid of $301, for the schoolhouse, was accepted and Mr. Gale of Hunter donated the lot where the church now stands. Organizing a congregation was dropped because of the several denominations, therefore, the Ladies Aid incorporated in order to hold property. The charter was signed on July 14,1914.
The building was remodeled, and through the years has been enlarged and improved many times.
A reorganization aid meeting was held in 1929. Mrs. W. E. Holland, Mrs. Henry Hanson, Mrs. J. D. Cormack, Mrs. Ivar Seim, Mrs. C. B Froke. Mrs. John Reinan, Mrs. Clarence Reinan. and Mrs. Harry Stigen revised and adopted the former constitution. For some years the church was called Evangelical Lutheran, but in 1975, it is the American Lutheran Church, having merged with other denominations.
Reverend Tjornhom of Hillsboro served the congregation from 1933 to 1941, when Pastor C. F. Savereide of Hillsboro was called.
The Ladies Aid continued to take care of the church business - buying everything with the help of donations - until the building was deeded over to the congregation in 1950 The American Lutheran Church Women still continue to help the congregation with financial support, but concentrate, now, on donations to Foreign Missions. Rest Homes. Sunday School, Parochial School, Indian Missions, Church Schools and Red Willow Bible Camp.

From: YESTERYEARS IN TRAILL, A History of Traill County, North Dakota, 1976. Contributed by Gerry Forde Mohn
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