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Rural Cummings, North Dakota

The Salem Congregation was organized January 27, 1907 and was given the name, Salem American Lutheran Church. O. H. Brodland was then the pastor of the Nielsville Parish and also helped to organize the new congregation. The Ladies Aid was organized December 14, 1904 at the home of Mr and Mrs T. B. Haugstad.
The first services in this Community were cnducted by Reverend Bernard L. Hagboe, Home Minister Worker, in the 1870's. Services were conducted every other Sunday. The congregation made use of the two schoolhouses in the community.
The constitution was adopted February 5, 1907. The charter members were Ole M. Berg, Olaus R. Hauge, Engebret E. Sondreal, Thor B. Haugstad, Gabriel T. Egeland, Anton Thompson, Adolph Halvorson, Henry A. Gordon, Harold Monson, Olaus Haugstad, Thomas Thompson, Thormod Wegge, Samuel S. Wegge, John Roalsvik, and Bernt Haugstad.
The church was built in 1916, and situated at the S E. corner on Section 22, Bingham Township [Note: has also been called North Calidonia Township]. The site was donated by Thor B Haugstad.
The Salem Cemetery, located one-half mile south of the church, was originally registered under the name, "Elm River Coulee Cemetery. It was donated by Bjorn Winge and Peter Smith, each donating two acres.
Pastors who have served this congregation include O. H. Brodland, O. J. Lutnes, J. N. Dordal, Karl Stromme, H. M. Finstad, O. A. Lee, E. W. Johnshoy, A. B. Solberg, Dean Bakken and the present pastor is Roberl Nedrud.
The church observed its 50th Anniversary, July 14, 1957. A number of improvements, have taken place over the years, including carpet, organ, and p.a. system.

A History of Traill County, North Dakota, 1976.
Contributed by Gerry Forde Mohn.

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