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A short history of the Old Settler's Memorial Association. Inc.

A public meeting was held in the Belmont Town Hall on March 2, 1944, for the purpose of formulating plans, ways, and means to construct a Memorial Monument in memory of the Pioneers who settled the Red River Valley.

The following Trustees were elected: Alfred Torgerson, Albert Haugstad, Carl Gronberg, Albert Hovet, Olaus Renslen, Oscar Nesvig, Carl Gunlickson, Gunder K Dale, Martin Nettum, L. C. Odegard, Hermer Bangen, Julius Spokely, Melvin Sondreal, Theodore Peterson, and Edwin Cooper.

Articles of Incorporation of Old Settlers Memorial Association, Inc.

Know all men by these presents: That we, the undersigned, have this day voluntarily associated ourselves together for the purpose of forming a corporation under the provision of Chapter 23, Civil Code, Compiled Laws of 1913, and amendments thereto; and we hereby certify that:

ARTICLE I The name of said corporation shall be OLD SETTLERS MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION.

ARTICLE II Section 1. The purpose for which it is formed are: With solemn faith in God, full confidence in mankind and irrevocable fidelity to our country and institutions, this nonprofit sharing membership memorial and historical Association is hereby organized for the purpose and with the objectives of providing for the preservation and research of scientific and other historical records and the continuance of progressive social economic enlightenment of patriotic education and ways and means to acquire a suitable parcel of land on or near the old Townsite of Belmont, Traill, North Dakota (formerly Dakota Territory) and to build, construct and erect thereon, as early as conditions permit, a suitable constructive and durable pioneer's memorial building; said building to be so constructed and equipped that I will provide for filing and preservation of historical community and individual records and further to acquire the essential co-related fixtures, souvenirs and other collections of historical material' and to prepare and maintain in a respectable manner the grounds and all other property of the Association and to provide public access to the grounds on which premises the use and sale of intoxicating beverages and gambling shall always be prohibited.

Section 2. In Witness Whereof, We have voluntarily associated ourselves to faithfully execute the above plans in accordance with the By-laws hereinafter provided. All this being done in memory and honor, gratitude and esteemed respect of our beloved early pioneers, old settlers and frontiersmen of the great historic Red River Valley of the North.

A monument commemorating the memory of the pioneers who settled the Red River Valley was erected in 1952 at a cost of about $3,800.00. The ground where this monument stands was donated by Alfred Torgerson.

Buildings on the picnic grounds built in 1953 cost of about $3,100.00.

A log cabin built by one of the first homesteaders of Vineland Township, Polk County, Minn. Was moved to the park location in 1957 and stands at the Belmont park entrance.

Names of the 1963 Trustees; Theodore Peterson, President; Ovey Wegge, Vice President; Edwin Cooper. Secretary; Clifford Erickson, Vice Secretary; Albert Haugstad, Treasurer; Willard Thompson; Ernest Hanson; Ordean Estenson; Marten Bartelson; Mancur Olson; James Nesvig; Richard Lowing; Alfred Torgerson, John Kjelsrud; Orean Hetland.
In Appreciation

Trustees of the Old Settlers Memorial Ass'n appreciates, and wishes to give credit and thanks to all who Co-operated with them in gathering material for the biographies, pictures, and to those contributors of data used in this booklet. First, Clarence Anderson, Hillsboro, N. D. The Fargo Forum and staff writer Roy P. Johnson, Fargo, ND. May Atwood, B. C. Canada, Senator Quentin Burdick, Mary Ann Williams, Washburn, N.D. Mr and Mrs George Nornes, Climax, Minn. Elling Ellingson, Grand Forks, N.D. Carl Loing, Reynolds, N.D. Mrs. Abany Capistran, Crookston, Minn. Monroe Ellingson, Nielsville, Minn. Mrs Irene Sondreal, Buxton, N.D. Mrs. Gaylord Olson, Buxton, N.D. Marshal T. Cooper and many others.

In as much as no previous history has been compiled in this area, the Trustees are aware that omission and mistakes are both probable and possible.

Trustees Old Settlers Memorial Association

Contributed by Gerry Mohn.
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