Traill County - Various Newspaper Names with History - State Historical Society**
(Individually listed below)

The Buxton Journal, 1935-1936
The Buxton Outlook, 1915-1918

Traill County Times, 1885-1903

Hatton Free Press, 1905- Currently In Publication

Afholds-basunen, 1887-1896, Norwegian (No ND Archives)
Folkets Avis, 1899-1902, Norwegian
Statstidende, 1897-1910, Norwegian
Traill County Blade, 1905-1911
Fremtiden, 1906-1909, Norwegian
Hillsboro Banner, 1880- Currently In Publication
Traill County News, 1919-1921

Vesterheimen, 1895-1917, Norwegian
The Equity Tribune, 1920-1920
Mayville Weekly Tribune, 1887-1889
Mayville Tribune, 1890-1909, 1920-1929
Mayville Tribune and the Goose River Farmer, 1909-1915
The Mayville Tribune-Farmer, 1915-1918
The Peoples' Press, 1918-1920
Traill County Tribune, 1929-1961, 1968- Currently In Publication
Traill County Tribune and Portland Republican, 1962-1968
The Goose River Farmer (The Mayville Farmer), 1890-1908

Traill County Tribune and Portland Republican, (Mayville), 1962-1968
The Portland Republican, 1894-1961

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Newspaper Abstracts - Traill County
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