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AARHUS Greg Holter  
AASEN Nancy Kaldor McPherson  
ACKERMAN Sarah Adams  
ADAM / ADAMS Sarah Adams  
ALLMARAS Sarah Adams  
ARNEGARD Janice Johnson  
BAGLIEN Stacy Simonson  
BEITZ Sarah Adams  
BERG Christine Hill
Annette Rockeman

Rockeman Herefords
BURKE Ellen  
CHILSTED Annette Rockeman Rockeman Herefords
CORRY SueAnne  
DOKKEN Annette Rockeman Rockeman Herefords
EGE Neila Chaouch  
ENGEBRETSON Janice Johnson  
FALCONER Al Falconer Falconer of Stonebroke Manor
FLATT Mike Peterson Traill Flatts
FLORY Sarah Adams  
FORDE Nancy Kaldor McPherson  
GOULD Mike Peterson Traill Goulds
GROGARD Sally Hoffman  
GRUAH Sally Hoffman  
HAGENESS Lawrence Thompson  
HAGGEN Annette Rockeman Rockeman Herefords
HANNESTAD Sally Hoffman  
HANSON Clark Pederson
HILSTAD Joanne Rabdau
HOKASSEN Maxine Olson
HOLEN Victor Uhlik
HOLTER Greg Holter  
HOVDE Nancy Kaldor McPherson  
HUSET Sally Hoffman  
JAHR Helen Butler
JENSON/JENSEN Neila Chaouch  
KALDOR Nancy Kaldor McPherson  
KEENA Annette Rockeman Rockeman Herefords
KITTELSON Clark Pederson
LEDDIGE Sarah Adams  
LEMMERICH Sarah Adams  
LEROM Sally Hoffman  
LINNEMANN Sarah Adams  
MOBECK Christine Hill
NELSON, NILSON William J. Krause
NIELSON (NEILSON) Lawrence Thompson
William J. Krause
NUEBAUER Sarah Adams  
ODEGARD Sally Hoffman  
OLSON Victor Uhlik
Maxine Olson
ONSTAD / OHNSTAD Joanne Rabdau
OPHEIM Annette Rockeman Rockeman Herefords
PEDERSON Clark Pederson
Victor Uhlik
PLADSON Clark Pederson
ROOD Christine Hill
RYGG Nancy Kaldor McPherson  
SCHJELDAHL Dennis Schjeldahl
SCHUMACHER Sarah Adams  
SCHREINER Sarah Adams  
SWENSON Stacy Simonson  
THOMPSON Pat Thompson
TOFSRUD Stacy Simonson  
TVEITO Neila Chaouch  
WITZ Sarah Adams