Edward Mobeck, Hatton, North Dakota.

Edward Mobeck was born in Romerike, Norway, on April 4, 1833 or 1834. He grew to manhood and married Berthe Maria Ericksen (or Kvernhaugen) on November 12, 1857 in Romerike, Akershus, Norway. Berthe Maria was born in Nes, Romerike, Akershus, Norway on May 14, 1834.

Three children were born to Edward and Maria in Norway:Anne MobeckKaspara Mobeck (or Katie)Lotta Mobeck.

In 1869 he came with his family to the United States, settling in Houston County (Caledonia), Minnesota, where four more children were born:
Rachel Mobeck,
Agnes Mobeck,
Oscar Mobeck,
Maria Mobeck.

In 1878 he came with his wife and children to Dakota Territory, making the trip with covered wagon and oxen. He settled on a homestead in Newburgh township –then in Traill County – in Section 8. His land consisted of but forty acres, the SE ¼ and NE ¼ of that section. His grandson, Selmer Berg, later owned this farmstead.

His first home was made of log and sod, built in the side of a hill. He obtained provisions, a few necessaries, and mail at the store and post office of Halvar Burgh, in Newburgh township. Grain was hauled to Fargo at first and on these trips; flour and other provisions would be brought back.

Mr. And Mr. Mobeck lived on the homestead for many years. After the younger members of the family were grown, Mr. Mobeck sold the homestead and he and Mrs. Mobeck moved to Erskine, Minnesota. After a few years, they returned to Newburgh Township, Steele County, where they lived on the farm of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Olson. They built a small frame house on this land, near the home of their daughter.

Mrs. Mobeck died at the farm on September 3, 1906. Mr. Mobeck died in July of 1920 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Knute Jacobson, east of Hatton.

They were the parents of seven children:
Mrs. Annie Berg,
Mrs. Kaspara Olson,
Mrs. Lottie Olson of Thief River Falls, Minnesota,
Mrs. Agnes Hermanson (husband Theodore) of Saskatchewan, Canada,
Mrs. Rachel Jacobson (Knute) of Grand Forks, North Dakota,
Oscar Mobeck of McHenry, North Dakota,
Mrs. Maria (Syvert) Rood of Grace City, North Dakota.

Maria Mobeck was my grandma’s mother. She married Syvert Rood and lived in McHenry, North Dakota for many years while her husband and brother (Oscar Mobeck) owned and operated a blacksmith shop. Maria and Syvert Rood are buried in a cemetery in McHenry.

Portions of this history were provided by Edward Mobeck’s granddaughter, Mrs. Stella Rice of Hatton, North Dakota. Recorded by Rosa H. Johnson, Field Worker, in July 1940. Pioneer History, Traill County, ND.

Other portions were provided by Edward Mobeck’s great-great-granddaughter, Christine Ann Vick Hill (Maria Mobeck’s great-granddaughter) of Isanti, Minnesota.

Contributed by Christine A. Hill.