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Here are some Rauk family names born in Mitchell county, St Ansgar, Iowa

These seem to be the children of Mr. & Mrs. Knut Rauk:

Margaret Rauk March, 16,1862 married 1881 to Robert George Cooper.

Ole K Rauk and Mette Rauk 1850
Lars K. Rauk 1855
Carl K Rauk 1858
Christiine Rauk 1858

Bendick O. Rauk born in Hallingdahl, Norway in 1836. Immigrated
to America 1858, going directly to St. Ansgar, Iowa


Knut Olson Rauk was born in Hallingdahl, Norway on February 12, 1825. He embarked for America in 1846 and on the journey from Norway to the United States, he and many other immigrants were delayed for six week at Havre, France. They had to carry their own provisions and at the end of six weeks, they were very low. However, they started out on a sailing vessel across the Atlantic Ocean, sadly short of rations for the long trip. The captain lost his bearings and had to put back to Havre, France after being tumbled about on the ocean for eight weeks. The government of France took them in, along with help from the French citizens who helped supply the provisions. Nine months after leaving Norway, they landed in New York City. It was some weeks before Mr. Rauk arrived at Rock Prairie, Wisconsin.
He was married there to Miss Mette Lien, who had immigrated from Norway in 1845. To this union were born the following children: Ole, Lars, Carl, Christian, Gumbjore, Jennie, and Marget. From Wisconsin, Mr. Rauk and family moved to St. Angsgar, Iowa, and in 1877, he, with his sons came to North Dakota. They filed on the northeast quarter of section 17, Belmont Township. That summer and fall they cut logs for a house and built a raft at Fargo, North Dakota to float lumber for their house at Belmont. In they spring of 1878, the family moved to Traill County, first coming to Fishers Landing, Minnesota and from there walking to Frog Point.
Mr. Rauk was not only a farmer, but an expert black-smith, having worked at that trade in Norway and also in Wisconsin for $7.00 a month. When Mr. Rauk retired, he built a house at Belmont, North Dakota and they lived there the rest of their lives.
They were buried in the North Ringsaker Cemetery.


Swen K. Knutson was born in Norway 1858 and he came with his parents Mr and Mrs. Knut Knutson, to Mitchell County, Iowa in 1861. The family was more than eleven weeks in crossing the ocean. Mr Knutson came to Traill County, North Dakota in the spring of 1877.
He was married January 15, 1880 to Miss Jennie Rauk of St. Ansgar, Iowa. To this union were born the following children: Tom, Clarence, Edith, Cora, Stella, Blanch and two other children that died in infancy.
Mr. & Mrs. Knutson settled on the north-west quarter of section 1, Belmont Township. Besides farming, Mr Knutson was in the merchandising business and Postmaster at Belmont, ND and for years was treasurer of the school district. He was also a member of the Legislature from his district.
Mrs. Knutson passed away in Oct 1920 and Mr. Knutson in April. 1937.

Contributed by Gerry Forde Mohn.

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