From Bessie Sandvolís Blue Book page 102-3

Syvert (Sever) Rood Ė Information given by his daughter, Hazel (Rood) Vick

Syvert (Sever) Rood was born in Norway Dec. 11, 1871 and died May 30, 1943. He married Maria Bertha Mobeck at Grand Forks, ND (Hatton, ND) on Dec. 11, 1897. She was born March 7, 1879 at Caledonia, MN. She passed away July 5, 1954 at Carrington, ND. They lived at Hatton, McHenry and Grace City, ND. They were Norwegians, belonged to the Lutheran Church. He was a blacksmith Ė had a grade school education. Maria belonged to the Literary Study Club and Homemakers Club. She was a dressmaker, sewed for others, and did general work for others.

The Rood family came to Grace City in 1912. Mrs. Rood did work a lot for other people taking care of sick people and helping doctors when babies were born. She even assisted the undertaker when he needed help. The Undertaker was Mr. Best from McHenry.

"We came to Grace City by horse and buggy. My brothers passed away several years ago, Loren and Arnold. I, Hazel, married Lars K. Vick." They left Grace City and he had a drug store in Hankinson, ND. They had two children (girl) Phyllane, married and living in Jamestown and LeRoy (boy) who lives in Minneapolis, MN. Mr. Vick passed away in 1963.

"My mother (Hazelís) used to relate some stories about her life when they lived in Hatton, ND. Her parents came to MN from Norway in an open boat which took 90 days. Her mother was born at Caledonia, MN, then they moved to Hatton, ND. She told about her father going to Fargo, ND by team of oxen and cart of their supplies which took a week to make the trip and the supplies had to last through the winter months. Fargo, I think, was the nearest town to get supplies. The time we lived in Foster County was very quiet, mother belonged to the Literary Club for years and was honored along with some other members from the state at a convention in Valley City, ND."

Contributed by Christine A. Hill

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