Comins Lake

This small lake in White Pine County, Nevada, was originally called Carnahan's Lake, the original owner of what is now known as the 3C Ranch.  It later became named for Senator Henry A. Comins, an early settler in White Pine County, who once owned the surrounding property and ranch and later sold it to the Kennecott copper company. The lake is located near Ely about 7 miles east on Highway 50.

A stamp mill was constructed at the shores during the mining boom of Taylor by the Argus Mine. At one time, a pavillion existed for use by the local people who would camp out and have parties here.

This treeless lake has historically been a good fishing spot, but it has been drained for irrigation each summer since 1990. No facilities are available. Fishing is open to the public, although it is located on private land. White Pine County recently purchased the ranch and water rights.

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Comins Lake looking northwest toward the CCC Ranch. Shaputis Photo West end of Comins Lake looking northwest toward the CCC Ranch. Shaputis Photo East end of Comins Lake. Shaputis Photo Overview of Comins Lake looking east. Shaputis Photo


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