Buck Station Nevada
by June Shaputis

BUCK STATION - (1869- ?)  T21N R56E NE1/4 Section 9.  21 miles north of US 50 at a point 51 miles west of Ely. One of several stations established along the Gilson or "Hill" Beachey toll road. It is located south of the Warm Springs Ranch in Newark Valley.

Buck Station became one of many points to the White Pine silver mines. It remains fairly well intact due to the remoteness of its location which has discouraged vandalism to some degree. The elements have taken their toll over the years and the buildings are crumbling.

Most of the buildings were made of stone. A small brook passes across the road and undoubtedly furnished the station with cold, fresh water for the keepers and travelers. A stone wall and what appears to have been an attempt at landscaping lies between the main station buildings and the dusty roadway.

Adobe plastering can be seen on the interior of the main station building where apparently food was served to the travelers. A wooden frame structure lies collapsed into a heap in front of the main building. A second but smaller dirt roofed stone building is next to the main building.

What may have been a storage building near the barn still shows the craftsmanship of its builder and is missing its roof. Two well built stone walls stand, one of which has both of its stone gables intact at each end. The large stone barn used for the stage coach horses can be seen. Its wooden roof is deteriated but the large main doors fronting next to the road are intact.

In 1870, all of Newark Valley only registered 75 people living within it. Eight men are named as Station Keepers in Newark Valley, but unfortunately the specific stations they were in charge of are not named in the census records. James W. Meter with his cook, Joshua Burnham, hostler Daniel Craig, and blacksmith Patrick Loughran are the first to be listed as in charge of a station. Next is William Savory with his wife Adelaide and son Benjamin, age 8.  Charles E. Thomas employees cook Oscar C. Bean and George Stone as a hostler. 

John D. Sullivan, cook William Robertson, Toll collector Emery B. Snow and Peter Underhill the blacksmith all man the next station.  John St. Clair is the next station keeper and ranches as well.  Nathaniel Sailor employees cook David Newman at the next station.  Station keeper Thomas O'Connor manages a station with his wife Teresa and 9 year-old son John T. O'Connor. Finally David N. Hyde runs his station with the help of his cook, John Volker in 1870.

Other stations were: Black Hawk, Salty Williams, Pancake, and Do-Drop-In. Stagecoach travelers could eat and rest here. Remains of a ranch can still be seen. Long segments of the old Elko-Hamilton stage road can be seen stretching north to south from this site.   

M. S. Sharp had ownership of 40 acres known as Buck Station and 80 acres adjoining the Brehe Ranch on the west in 1887.

By 1890, Thomas Jenkins owned 160 acres known as Buck's Station, so the site had been expanded upon.

These structures were used as a ranch base until fairly recently.



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