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The Pinion Pine Nut is a staple food used by both humans and wildlife.

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The Pinion Pine Nut opens up after a hard frost. The sap can be removed by using lard or cooking oil.

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How to fix and cook Pine Nuts and facts

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The blue Juniper berry is used for flavoring Gin and a survival food.

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Wild Roses

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This plant is called "Mormon Tea" and makes a pleasant tasting drink. Steep the green branches.


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Wildflower Bouquet

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Wild Flower Bouquet

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Elderberry Flowers

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Yellow Tack Stem *

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Sunray *

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Indian Paintbrush

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Indian Paintbrush

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Larkspur or Blue Bonnet

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Monks Hood

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Shooting Stars

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Nuttall's Linanthrastrum *

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Prickly Poppy *

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Morning Glory

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Yarrow or Queen Anne's Lace

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monkeyflower *

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The tiny, low growing Western phlox type of plants in the three photos above are among the first flowers to show in early spring. They are identified as probably Parry's Gilia, although they could also be Argus Gilia or Evening Snow. These were growing surrounded by bits of twigs, small pebbles and rocks along a dusty, dry rural roadway in the third week of March.

* Thank you to Mike Freese for helping to identify some of these photos.


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