298 East 11th Street Built 1910    

This structure stands as a symbol for what tried to be, but failed. Between 1907 and 1912, Eastern capitalists tried to monopolize the area. They controlled the railroad, the new smelter at McGill, most of the copper holdings, and they wanted to control the commerce in Ely.

When Ely citizens balked at their plans, the capitalists constructed over 100 houses and business structures to the east of Ely, calling it Ely City. (Now known as East Ely, NV.) This building served as "their bank," the short-lived Copper National Bank.

After 1912, the capitalists gave up their efforts to create a monopoly, the bank was purchased by local interests and was renamed the First National Bank of Ely. The First National Bank continues operation on Aultman Street.

For the past several years, this building has been the home of engineering firms, most recently the home of Boundy and Foreman. The three heavy fireproof vaults now protect irreplaceable old maps.


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