501 Murry Street Built 1906   

The Catholic Church was the first church built in Ely. The first Catholic Mass was held in the Ely home of Miss Ellen Hayes in October 1900. The original church was constructed from wood, the size of a large house and had a small bell tower. The first services held in the church was when the first train into Ely brought the priest in to officiate.

The church was finished in 1906 on land donated by Miss Hayes who was instrumental in the building of this church. All of the nearby ground was part of Hayes Park--an area with a hotel, store, and cottages. Some stained glass from the original wood framed church has been installed in the rear of the current church and the original pine pews remain in use today. 

One of the original stained glass windows has recently been donated to the White Pine Public Museum. Apparently the original church was bricked over.

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