749 Campton Street Built 1888  

State Senator H. A. Comins (1836-1917) built this home in 1888 as a rental. Nearby Comins Lake is named for him. He was a successful rancher of White Pine County. Comins represented White Pine County as a Representative and Senator between 1875 and 1899.

In 1892, Ross Humphrey (1843 - 1894) purchased the property. Humphrey was Sheriff of White Pine County when the county seat was moved from Hamilton to Ely in August of 1887 until 1890. Hannah C. Humphrey (1858-1940), Ross Humphrey's widow, later known as "Auntie Kent," was a renowned nurse and midwife. She remarried three more times. Hannah Humphrey Stearns Kent Frazier (Fraser) is recognized by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) in "Women of White Pine County."

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