995 Campton Street Built 1887  

In early 1880's, the county courthouse in Hamilton was burned down along with much of the business section by an embezzling county treasurer. In 1885, a store owner caused a devastating fire which burned down the Court House which had been moved to the Withington Hotel.. Only a pitiful few records from the Sheriff’s office were salvaged. The town of Hamilton had suffered previous fires before the last which resulted in its faster demise.

The left half of the old annex courthouse building is the first courthouse built in Ely when the county seat was moved from Hamilton in 1887. The right half is a later addition to the original building. The frame court house cost $10,000 to build and the County Commissioners acted as contractors. The building was used as a court house until the new stone building was built in 1909.

The old Court House was remodeled in 1911 to serve as the County Hospital until the early 1970's when the William B. Ririe Hospital was established to replace the old Steptoe Hospital.

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co_hosp.jpg (27973 bytes)
The White Pine County Hospital at its best - White Pine Public Museum Photo

By 1982, the building complex was called the Court house Annex and it presently houses the Welfare, Rural Planning Commission, Deputy District Attorney, Economic Diversification Council, Assessor, County Commissioner's office and meeting room, and other offices and departments.

cohospital.jpg (53854 bytes)
A recent close-up view of the original White Pine Court House, later used as the White Pine County Hospital. Shaputis Photo

1887cthsannex.jpg (38895 bytes)
The White Pine Court House Annex Complex as it appears today. Shaputis Photo

duckpond98.jpg (67332 bytes)
View of Duck Pond and Fountain across the street from the old Courthouse Annex Buildings.  Shaputis Photo


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