Between Clark Street & Aultman Street Built 1909     Courthouse Plaza

In 1907, a $50,000 bond was issued to build a second Court House. John M. Curtis was the architect and Jim Ostergaard was the construction superintendent. Fifty thousand loads of dirt were brought in to build up the land on which the present Court House stands and for landscaping purposes. The present copper-domed building was completed in 1909 at a cost of $80,000.

The Duck Pond was part of the court house landscape and originally had earth fill with native cat-tails and a small brook running into and out of the pool. A herd of deer could usually be seen on the hill between the new Court House and the Old Court House (now Annex) for many years . A zoo was once located in the park across from the Requa Senior Center. Local fauna was maintained there including: bobcats, badgers, coyotes and porcupines.

Court is held upstairs and the Clerk / Recorder, Treasurer, Recorder offices are on the first floor. Original and heavy copper doors are installed on the front of the courthouse.


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