Hamilton Nevada History and Photos

HAMILTON - (1868-1925)  
(T22N R62E SW1/4 NE1/4 Section 28)
Hamilton is located 11 miles south of U.S. Highway 50 at a point 45 miles west of Ely.   It is one of the most noted ghost towns in the west. The town was first called Cave City because the early residents lived in caves and dugouts. The name was later changed to honor one of the promoters of the camp.

In 1869, the town saw up to 30,000 people coming to seek their fortunes.  The town soon boasted of having 22 lawyers, 101 saloons, and 59 general stores.  Hamilton was the first county seat of White Pine County, but due to the mines petering out and the loss of the Court House and all the records in 1885, the seat was moved to Ely.

The old stage station has only one 5' by 10' section of  wall remaining with the old fireplace in it.  Only parts of other brick and stone buildings remain to show what a bustling, busy large town Hamilton once was.  Part of the townsite is on private property and the stone walls are close to collapse.

A cemetery remains and one interment is thought to be the brother of the founder of the Folger Coffee dynasty.  Hamilton Photos.    See Historical markers




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