Kimberly Nevada History and Photos


KIMBERLY - (1903-1958)
(T16N R62E SW1/4 Section 8) At terminus of SR 44, 4 miles west of its junction with US 50 at a point 5 miles northwest of Ely. Named for Peter L. Kimberly, an early   postmaster or a principal stockholder in the Giroux Copper Co. on Pilot Knob (Later, the Consolidated Copper Co.)

The Pilot Knob Mine was developed in May 1900 on the Giroux  property by J. A. Snedaker and E. L. Giroux.  Ore was also found in the Taylor, Old Glory and Brooks Mines and in 1901, Dave Bartley and Edwin F. Gray discovered copper at a depth of 120 feet in their mines.

The town began in 1903 a few  miles to the southwest of Old Ruth. In the mid-1920's, Kimberly, a copper company town, had a school, hospital, Nevada Northern depot, bunkhouses, boarding houses, a newspaper, post office and several homes to house about 500 people. Kennecott Corp. bought the townsite in 1958. No longer in existence and there are only mine dumps where the town once stood.

Kimberly, Nevada Photos

1930s_kim_riepe.jpg (209530 bytes)

kim_lowercamp.jpg (137881 bytes)

Town of Kimberly, Nevada in foreground; Emma Nevada Mine in right center. Photo courtesy of Walter Johnson, Tallahassee, FL Lower Camp of Kimberly - 1932 Photo courtesy of Walter Johnson, Tallahassee, FL

kim_lowercamp3.jpg (159396 bytes)

1952kim_uppercamp.jpg (179303 bytes)

Lower Camp of Kimberly - 1943 Photo courtesy of Walter Johnson, Tallahassee, FL Upper Camp of Kimberly - 1951/52 Photo courtesy of Walter Johnson, Tallahassee, FL




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