Pictures of Old Ruth & New Ruth, Nevada
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Old Ruth, Nevada

panoruth.jpg (49932 bytes)
Panorama view - White Pine Public Museum


oldruth3.jpg (11618 bytes)
1938 - White Pine Public Museum Photo

oldroth2.jpg (4630 bytes)
1938 - White Pine Public Museum Photo

oldroth1.jpg (7310 bytes)
Sunny Martin Photo

old_ruth1.jpg (19641 bytes)
1911 - White Pine Public Museum Photo

OldRuthNv.jpg (71921 bytes)

ruth_versch4.jpg (23878 bytes)

"On the upper left of picture you can see part of the two buildings of the Ruth grade school, and the corkscrew slide. Across from the school on the small hill is the house we lived in looks like the front of a saloon but home to us." Photo courtesy of Esther Marie Versch

Close-up of the old house on the hill across from the Ruth grade school in old Ruth its the house we lived in when we moved to Ruth.  Photo courtesy of Esther Marie Versch

oldruth_school.jpg (102896 bytes)

Old Ruth Grade School taken in the late 1930's. Photo courtesy of Walt Johnson, Tallahassee, FL

old ruth mill and office or store.jpg (83097 bytes)
Site of old Ruth in Tonapah Canyon.

old ruth mill.jpg (68523 bytes)
Site of old Ruth Mill in Tonapah Canyon.

oldruth_site536.jpg (154361 bytes)
Site of old Ruth in Tonapah Canyon.

old_ruth_site537.jpg (152004 bytes)
Site of old Ruth in Tonapah Canyon.


New Ruth, Nevada

Businesses in New Ruth in 1999 include: The New Ruth Club,  the post office and The MacKay School of Mines has summer classes in the old hospital / safety building (both share the same building), the DeLeon convenience store & car wash,  and the Commercial Club. The Community Building and Fire / Ambulance Station is across the street.  All are located within a one block area on Main Street between Sunshine and Keystone Streets. The only public phone is located in front of the New Ruth Club.  Shaputis Photos 1998

ruth1.jpg (25271 bytes)
New Ruth Townsite 1998 as taken from the Liberty 2 Pit - Shaputis Photo

ruthgrader.JPG (174708 bytes)
Old Nevada Consolidated Copper Co. grader located in the new Ruth Community Park.

ruthbus1.JPG (172467 bytes)
New Ruth Club and the Post Office section of old hospital building.

Ruth_P003641.jpg (141872 bytes)
Post office and MacKay School of Mines building

ruthclub.JPG (156748 bytes)
New Ruth Club & Post Office

ruthpark.JPG (166625 bytes)
Ruth Community Park on Main and Sunshine Streets.

commercial-club.jpg (32522 bytes)
Commercial Club 2000

ruth_deleon_store.jpg (48851 bytes)
DeLeon's Store 2000

ruthcomcenter.jpg (29482 bytes)
Ruth Community Center 2000

ruthfirestation3.jpg (269462 bytes)
Ruth Fire & EMS Station 2000

ruthteacherboardinghouse.jpg (25952 bytes)
Old Teacher's Boarding House

ruth_oldbldg.jpg (57576 bytes)
old building and car wash on Main St.


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