Schellbourne Nevada History and Photos

Fort Schellbourne is located south of the Cherry Creek road at the junction of US 93 and C. R. 2, then 3 miles east;  39 miles north of Ely in Steptoe Valley. Named for Major A. J. Schell, a commander of the troops guarding the Mail line. It has a long history of Indian fighting, and first served as George Chorpenning's Jackass Mail and later as the Schell Creek Pony Express and Overland Stage Station; later as a fort for the US troops. Then, it served as a mining camp during the 1870's.

The Schell Creek Station and corral was built by the Pony Express in the Spring of 1860.  The Overland Stage Line also used the Schell Creek station for stock exchange and an inn for travelers until 1869.

Nearby "pay-dirt" discoveries led to the formation of  a mining camp in 1871.  By December of that year a post office was established for Schellbourne. The Schell Creek Prospect newspaper published a weekly edition by July of 1972 for the 300 residents.  A Wells Fargo building or bank was erected with heavy steel doors which are still on the old building. Jerry Bowen's Schellbourne, NV pictures.

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Photo Courtesy of Sunny Martin

Better ore discoveries were made across the valley at Cherry Creek in late 1872, and the majority of people headed over there.  Mining machinery and many buildings were quickly moved to Cherry Creek.  During the decade, a five-stamp mill was built, but population had declined by 1880 to only 50 people.

Schellbourne now serves as the headquarters for a ranch. The owners have razed most of the old buildings that once stood on this site to the dismay of local historians. 

One of two small cemeteries lies near the stone and log ruins of the town in Lot 9 Section 7, T22N R65E and is a Historical Monument under the Recreation and Public Purposes Act.

Schellbourne Ranch, White Pine County, Nevada (near Cherry Creek)

(Schellbourne is a ghost town on private property, but a few buildings remain in various states of disrepair. Permission is required to visit the site. The cemetery a short distance to the east of the buildings, has at least 6 graves. The three Burke markers on the right are made of cut steel wagon wheel sections riveted together in the shape of crosses. Three other graves to the left are marked by illegible wooden crosses.) The cemetery page has pictures.




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