Compiled by Hugh MacDougall

This information was compiled from the Federal and State Census records for Otsego County, 
New York, from 1790 to 1925. There are inevitable errors, some resulting from poor quality
microfilm images of the census records, others from transcription errors of all sorts.
Users finding errors of any sort are invited to communicate with Hugh MacDougall, so that
they can be corrected.

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Federal Census for 1890
The data sheets for the 1890 United States Federal Census were destroyed by fire;
about all that remains are sheets for a Special Census conducted of surviving Veterans
of the Civil War. It is from those documents that these two entries (all we have found)
have been taken.
Civil War Veterans Only
Page Name		Rank	Company	Unit		Enlisted	Discharged
	Post Office	Disabilities	Period of Service	Remarks
2 Anthony Stewart	Private	E	26 NYSV*	Jan. 1863	Sept. 1865
	Gilbertsville	none noted	2 yrs. 8 mos.		no remarks noted

1 Timothy Dodge		Private B	1 USV**		Sept. 5, 1864	May 28, 1865 
	Phoenix Mills 	Rheumatism & 	8 mos., 18 days		No remarks
	Otsego Cty.	loss of 
			middle finger

* 26th United States Colored Troops(USCT)
** 1st United States Colored Cavalry (USCC)
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