Compiled by Hugh MacDougall

This information was compiled from the Federal and State Census records for Otsego County, 
New York, from 1790 to 1925. There are inevitable errors, some resulting from poor quality
microfilm images of the census records, others from transcription errors of all sorts.
Users finding errors of any sort are invited to communicate with Hugh MacDougall, so that
they can be corrected.

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Federal Census for 1910

[Note: Portions of this Census, on microfilm, are entirely illegible]

Contents: Towns of Burlington [no Blacks] | Butternuts [no Blacks] | Cherry Valley
[No Blacks found (partly illegible)] | Decatur [No Blacks found (partly illegible)] |
Edmeston | Exeter [No Blacks found (partly illegible)] | Hartwick [No Blacks found
(partly illegible)] | Laurens [no Blacks] |Maryland | Middlefield | Milford | Morris
[No Blacks found (largely illegible)] | New Lisbon | Oneonta City | Oneonta Town |
Otego [no Blacks] | Otsego | Pittsfield | Plainfield [no Blacks] | Richfield | Roseboom
[no Blacks] | Springfield | Unadilla | Westford [no Blacks] | Worcester | Recapitulation

----SEX to be assumed from name; indicated only where name not clear----
Election Supervision District [SD] and Enumeration District [ED]
P&L-Page and Line Numbers (xxx-xx)
NAME-Name (other members of household indented) 
R-Race (B=Black, M=Mulatto, W=White, Ch=Chinese) 
AGE-Age (in years or months (m) for infants)
BORN-Born (State or Country: Bb=Barbados): Individual; Father; Mother
STATUS-Status (S=single; M=married (# of times if more than once)
	(# years married); W=widowed; D=divorced): Relationship to head of household (head;
	son; dau=daughter; fath=father; mo= or moth=mother; wf=wife; brot=brother;
	sist=sister; g-son=grandson; g-dau=grand-daughter; d/law= daughter in law;
	s/law= son in law;	s/son=stepson; serv=servant; bord=boarder; wait=waiter;
	port=porter; laun=laundress); 
	For Women only: No. of children and no. living (#-#)
OCCUP-Occupation (frm-lab=farm laborer; labor=laborer; laundr=laundress;
	hs-keep=keeping house; whitew=whitewasher)
WORK-Work Status (U=unemployed; N#=not working at time of census
	(# of weeks unemployed in 1909); W=worker; E=employee; OA=working on own account; 
	FL=farm laborer; WO=working out; PF=working in private family; 
	SCH#=attended school during year (# of months)
OTHER-[Literacy (ILL=illiterate; R=read only); 
	Home (O=owned; R=rented; M=mortgaged; F=owned free and clear; H=house; Fm=farm);
	No. of Agricultural register (Ag #); name and occupation of white householder.
				IN FA MO


Cherry Valley-NONE FOUND [partly illegible]

Decatur-NONE FOUND [partly illegible]

SD 8; ED 45-NONE FOUND [largely illegible]
SD 8; ED 46 [partly illegible]
299 27 BELLAMY, Frank	B 59	NY NY NY M2(18) head	frm-lab	W-WO	[RH]
    28  Gertrude	B 38	NY NY NY M2(18) wf(4-2)	none			
    29  Bessie		B 14	NY NY NY S dau		none	SCH
    30  Bertha		B 13	NY NY NY S dau		none	SCH
300 63 HOLMES, Carrie	B 38	NY WV NY S servant 	hs-keep	W-PF	[John? Roth?]

Exeter-NONE FOUND [partly illegible]

Hartwick-NONE FOUND [partly illegible]


SD 8; ED 51-NONE
SD 8; ED 52
68  17 BUTTER, Amos	B 72	NY US US W head		frm-lab	W-WO 	[OFM Ag. 52]
70  12 KNAPP, John	W 59	NY NY NY M(5) head	frm-lab	W-WO	[ILL RH]
    13  Maggie		W 40	NY NY NY M2(5) wf(11-7)	servant	W-PF 	[ILL]
    14  Vera		W 5m	NY NY NY S dau		none
    15  Clarence	W 23	NY NY NY M s/son	laborer	W-odd jobs
    16  Minnie		M 23 	NY NY NY M2(0)d/law(2-2)servant	W-PF 
    17 PARISH, Bessie(?)M  5	NY NY NY S g-dau 	none		[not in school]
    18 PARISH, George B.M  3	NY NY NY S g-son	none
    19 KNAPP, George	W 21	NY NY NY S s/son	frm-lab	W-WO 	[ILL]

SD 8; ED 53 
80  42 DODGE, Flora C.?	M 51	NY NY NY W head(3-2)	laborer W-mill	[OHM]
    43  Miss (?) Nellie	M 19	NY NY NY S dau 		laborer W-mill	[not in school]
    44 SLATER, Wm. H.	W 35	NY NY NY M(2) s/law	laborer	W-sawmill
    45  Harriet (?)	M 21	NY NY NY M(2) dau(1-1) 	none 	at home
    46  Robert		M 11m	NY NY NY S g-son	none 		[NEXT DOOR]
    47 SLATER		W 57	NY MA MA M(36) head	laborer	highways[OHM]
    48  Ethel		W 51	NY NY NY M(36) wf(4-4)	none			
    49  Minerva		W 17	NY NY NY S dau		none		[not in school]
SD 8; ED 54
104 67 DIAMOND, Peter	B 35	NY NY NY S boarder		[George Hutchins, farmer]

SD 8; ED 55
113  2 MONROE, George	W 49	NY NY NY M2(12) head	blcksmth OA-own shop [RH, Brook St]
     3  Nellie		W 30	NY NY NY M(12) wife	none
     4  Eddy		M 18	NY NY NY S son		apprent.W-blcksmth
     5  Carl		W 14	NY NY NY S son		none	SCH
     6  Nellie		W 10	NY NY NY S dau 		none	SCH
     7  Mary		W  8	NY NY NY S dau 		none	SCH
     8  Emily		W  7	NY NY NY S dau 		none	SCH
     9  John		W  5	NY NY NY S son		none		[not in school]
    10  Claud		W  3	NY NY NY S son		none
    11  Edith		W  2	NY NY NY S dau 		none
    12  Irine		W 5m	NY NY NY S dau 		none
114 70 MONROE, Hattie	M  49	MD US US M serv(3-3)	servant W-PF	
						[Edward E. Cumming, farmer; Westville Road]
    71  Ora A.		M  15	NY NY MD S dau		none	SCH
132 10 ????, Thomas(?)	W 59	NY NY NY M(23)		frm-lab	W-WO	[OFM Ag 113]
    11  ????		M(?)42	NY NY NY M(23)(2-1)	none		
    12  ????		__ 8	NY NY NY S dau 		none	SCH

Morris-NONE FOUND [largely illegible]

New Lisbon
SD 8; ED 59
172 56 HASLON?, John B.	B 50	NY NY NY M(30) head	barber	OA-own shop [RH]
    57  Rebecca B.(?)	B 48	NY NY NY M(30) wife	none

Oneonta City
SD 8; ED 60
184 68 WILLIAMS, CharlesB 53	NY NY NY M2(18) head	laborer	W-odd jobs [RH] 
    69  Carrie N(?)	W 40	NY NY NY M2(18) wf(4-2)	none			
    70  Athil(?) M.	M 14	NY NY NY S dau.		none	SCH
    71  Ada B.		M 12	NY NY NY S dau.		none	SCH
    72 ECKERSON, Jennie	W 42	NY NY NY W s/law	domest	W-WO U N(8)
SD 8; ED 187 [sic]
193 70 BUCK, Joseph	B 48	NY Unk NY M(5) head 	driver 	W-deliv wagon [RH, 10 So. Main St]
    71  Alice		B 39	NY Unk NY M(5) wife	none
    72	HARDY?, Anna M.	B 69	NY NY Unk W m/law(11-3)	none		[R] 
SD 8; ED 61
206 93	BROWN, Mary E.	B 45	NY NY NY W head		laundr	W-PF	[OHM, 3 Spruce Ave]
    94  Bessie M.	B 15	NY NY NY S dau 
    95 ARMSTRONG	B 26	PA PA NY M(4) head	shoesh	OA-shoes [RH, 3 Spruce Ave]
    96  Lettie M.	B 24	MD VA GA M(4) wf(1-1)	none	
    97  Evelyn M.	B 13m	NY PA MD S dau 	none
215 68 SMITH, Frances	B 50	NY NY NY W head(15-3)	none		[OHF, 5 So. 6th St]
    69  Wendell		B  6	NY NY NY S son				[not in school]
    70 MALE, Florence	B 27	NY NY NY M(9) dau(0) 	servant	W-PF 
SD 8; ED 62
222  4 HARRIS, David	B 30	VA VA VA M(2) head	janitor	W-club house [ILL; RH, 231 Main St]
     5  Edith M.	B 21	PA PA PA M(2) wf(0)	none		
SD 8; ED 63-NONE
SD 8; ED 64
265  4 BENNETT, Ida A.	B 23	NY NY NY S domestic	servant	W-hs-work [Arthur W. Cutler, surgeon, 28 Watkins Ave.)
SD 8; ED 65-NONE

Oneonta Town
SD 8; ED 66
34   7 CLADY, Addison	B 68	NY NY NY W head		frm-lab	W-odd jobs [RH]
39  31 FARRER, Minnie	B 40	SC SC SC M(17) servant	servant	W-PF [ILL; Newton Emmons, farmer]
    32 WHITE, Anna	B 30	SC SC SC W servant	servant W-PF 


SD 8; ED 69-Cooperstown
52  57 AH CHOY		Ch 33	CA Ch(Chinese) Ch(Chinese) S head proprietor E-laundry  
						[speaks only Chinese  RH (39 Main St)]
    58 LUNG BING	Ch 34	Ch(Chinese) [incl. parents] S helper  E-laundry 
						[alien (immig. 1891) speaks only Chinese]
60   6 WELLS, Ida E.	M 50	NY CT NC S servant	housekp	W-PF	[Mary Smith, 190 Main St.]
SD 8; ED 70-Cooperstown
70     BURNANS, Lewis	M 51	NY NY NY S head 	gardnr	W-PF	[OHM, 2 rear, South Ave]
76  99 JONES, Harriet E.B 22	CT CT CT S servant 	housewk W-PF	[Bennett W. Dewar,
						physician & surgeon, 1 Susquehanna Ave]
82  63 DeWITT, Elbridge	M 68	NY NY NY W head		mason	W-contractor [HM, 12 Beech St)
    64 COLE?, Mary B.? 	M 39	NY NY NY W sis(2-1) 	gen'l work W-PF 
    65 WILLIAMS, Harris?B 23	NY NY NY M(3) chef-ass't miller W-feed store [sharing house]
    66  Edith		M 20	NY NY NY M(3)		none
86   6	JACKSON, Mary	M 47	NY NY NY S head		laundr  W-hotel	
					[living in house of a nurse (illegible) on Chestnut St]
SD 8; ED 71-NONE

SD 8; ED 72
113 26 PARISH, Nerus	B 72	NY NY NY S head		manager E-gen frm [OFF; Ag#8]
    27 WADE, James	M 38	MD MD MD M(5) neph	laborer W-farm U(12)
    28  Mary		M 32	NY NY NY M(5) niece(0)	none	
116 60	PHILLIPS, Phebe	B 76	NY NY NY W head 	manager W-farm [OFM; Ag#60]
    61  Frederick	B 32	NY NY NY W son		farmer	W-farm
    62  Florence	B 11	NY NY NY S gd-dau	none	SCH
124  6 SMITH, Amy	W 40	NY NY NY W head 	manager W-farm [RF; Ag#147]
     7 MARTIN, Maude	W 22	NY NY NY M(7) dau(2-2)	none	
     8 SMITH, Floyd	W 16	NY NY NY S son	 	laborer	W-odd jobs [not in school] 
     9 TITUS, William	B 70	NY NY NY W boarder	none
    10 MARTIN, William	W  6	NY NY NY S gd-son	none		[not in school]
    11 MARTIN, Willard	M  2	NY NY NY S gd-son	none
    12 TITUS, Henry	B 33	NY NY NY S boarder	laborer	W-odd jobs
    13 PHILLIPS, Walter	B 27	NY NY NY M(5) boarder	laborer	W-odd job
125 87 SPAFFORD, Adell 	M 22	NY NY NY S head (male)	farmer	OA-farms [OFM Ag.175]
    88  Jennie		W 44	NY NY NY S mo(1-1)	none
    89  Shurman M.	W 78	NY NY NY W boarder	none


SD 8; ED 74-NONE
SD 8; ED 75-Richfield Springs Village
150 48 LAWRENCE, Esther	B 65	ME *   * S head		laundr	OA-at home
		(f + m: Nova Scotia (crossed out) Canada-English) [OHF, Canadarego St]
    49  Benjamin	B 70	ME *   * M(38) brother	none
    50  Nancy		M 69	PA PA PA M(38)		none		[ILL]
151 72 WILLIAMS, James	B 52	NY NY NY S head		laborer	W-odd jobs [RH, Johnson St]
155 91 TEABOUT, Mary	B 55	NY NY NY W head(6-5)	laundr	OA-at home [OHF, Prospect St]
    92  Charles		B 42	NY NY NY W son		salesmn	W-hardware
    93  George		B 39	NY NY NY S son		frm-lab	W-WO
    94  Grace		B 37	NY NY NY S dau.		dressmk	OA-at home
    95  Mamie		B 35	NY NY NY S dau.		laundr  OA-at home
    96  Anna		B 31	NY NY NY S dau.		laundr  OA-at home 
    97  Marguerite	B 18	NY NY NY S gd-dau.	none	SCH
    98  Douglas		B 16	NY NY NY S gd-son	none	SCH
    99 BURHANSE, Jane	B 88	NY NY NY W mo(5-3)	none		[ILL]
   100 WALKER, Frank	B 18	NY NY NY S lodger	frm-lab W-WO	[not at school]
156 54 LANIER, Lewis	B 33	VA VA VA M(6) servant	butler	W-PF	[Frank Roff, Main St.)
    55  Mary		B 29		 M(6) servant	cook 	W
158    DUNN, Anne	B 25	VA VA VA M serv(1-1)	laundr	W-PF [Charles Conway, plumber, Bronner St]
159 69 KANE, Sarah Ann	B 66	NY NY NY W serv(2-0)	cook	hotel [hotel of Wm. Fulmann, Lake St]
159 76 PULLEY, Emma	B 49	MD MD MD W head		laundr	OA-at home [OHF, Canadarego St]
    77  Levi		B 20	NY MD MD S son		salesmn W-groc store U N(28) [not in school]
    78  Martha		B 17	NY MD MD S dau 		none
    39 PASSEY, Isaac	B 33	MD MD MD S brother		W-driver for Doctor
164 71 TEABOUT, Jerome	B 77	NY NY NY M(43) head  		W-common labor [OHF, Sylvan St]
    72  Catherine	B 65	NY NY NY M(43) wife	none
    73  William		B 41	NY NY NY S son		machnst	OA-own shop
    74  Richard		B 35	NY NY NY S son		chef	W-hotel
    75  Belle		B 31	NY NY NY S dau 		servant	W-PF
    76  Marie		B 25	NY NY NY S dau 		dressmk OA-at home
    77  Stella		B 23	NY NY NY S dau 		nurse	W-PF
165 41 SOUTHERLAND, Thomas B 59	NY VA VA M(20)	   	chef	W-hotel W [OHM, Johnson St]
    42  Anchester	B 57	NY VA VA M(20)(2-0)		W-pastry cook 
    43 CONEYS, Lucy	B 32	NY NC PA W niece	servant	W-WO


SD 8; ED 77
174 14 LEWIS, Cornelius	B 64	NY NY NY W(?) hostler	none [Hotel of Edward M. Fishers?]
SD 8; ED 78-NONE

SD 8; ED 79
196  1 ELMENDORF, Mary	B 45	NY NY NY M2(28) hd(2-2) laundr	W-WO [R; OHF, Sidney Road]
     2  Edith		B 27	NY NY NY S dau 		servant	W-WO
SD 8; ED 80-Village of Unadilla
215 37 BROWN, Alonzo E.	B 54	NY NY NY M(17) head	laborer	W-WO [RH(apt), 5 Clifton St]
    38  Emma F.		B 37	NY NY NY M2(17) wf(0)	laundr	OA-at home 
219 29 STEWART, Margaret B 74	NY NY NY W head(3-2) 	laundr	OA-at home [OHF, Adams St]
    30 BROWN, Sara	B 58	NY NY NY S dau 		laundr	OA-at home 

SD 8; ED 82-NONE
SD 8; ED 83
260 22 WILLIAMS, Flora	M 16	NY NY NY S servant	servant  W-PF [Arthur Hilliss, farmer]

Recapitulation (African-Americans in Otsego County, 1910):
NOTE:These figures are minimums, since many pages were entirely illegible.
	Town		Male	Female	Total
	Burlington	 0	 0	  0   
	Butternuts	 0	 0	  0	
	Cherry Valley	 0	 0	  0
	Decatur		 0	 0	  0
	Edmeston	 1	 4	  5
	Exeter		 0	 0	  0
	Hartwick	 0	 0	  0
	Laurens		 0	 0	  0
	Maryland	 2	 2	  4	[plus 5 white family members]
	Middlefield	 2	 3	  5	[plus 4 white family members]	
	Milford		 1	 4	  5	[plus 11 white family members]
	Morris		 0	 0	  0
	New Lisbon	 1	 1	  2
	Oneonta City	 5	 8	 13	[plus 6 white family members]
	Oneonta Town	 1	 2	  3	
	Otego		 0	 0	  0
	Otsego		 3	 5	  8	[plus 2 Chinese]	
	Pittsfield	 8	 4	 12	[plus 5 white family members]
	Plainfield	 0	 0	  0 
	Richfield	13	19	 32	
	Roseboom	 0	 0	  0
	Springfield	 1	 0	  1
	Unadilla	 1	 5	  6
	Westford	 0	 0	  0
	Worcester        0	 1	  1
TOTAL:		        39	58	 97

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