Abraham Lincoln Kellogg
Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

Abraham Lincoln Kellogg, a prominent young attorney of Oneonta, was born May
1, 1860, at Croton, Delaware Co., NY. He is descended from Teutonic and
Puritan ancestry. He was educated first in the common schools of Delaware
County, and afterward in the Delaware Literary Institute of Franklin, NY.
He read law with L. L. Bundy, of Oneonta, one of the most celebrated lawyers
of that part of the State, and was admitted to the bar in 1883. Soon
afterward he became Clerk of the State Senate, occupying the position for
two years. In 1884, he was Corporation Clerk of Oneonta, and in 1886 was
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Otsego County. Since locating in
Oneonta he has acquired an extensive practice. He early manifested a strong
desire for knowledge, and not being of wealthy parents worked by day and
studied by night. A strong impression was made upon him from reading the
life of the illustrious man after whom he had been named, and he selected
the law as his profession. With the same zeal which had carried him through
his school days he prepared himself for the practice of the law.
August 26, 1881, when but little more than twenty-one years of age, Mr.
Kellogg set out on foot for Oneonta, with all his earthly possessions in a
little bundle under his arm. Here, after two years spent in teaching school
and in reading law, he was admitted to the bar, in November, 1883. His
practice has been mostly in courts of record, and he has won for himself a
high reputation among his contemporaries, and has shown himself a brilliant
pleader, a deep thinking, and possessed of extensive knowledge of the law.
He has taken an active part in the politics of his State and times, and has
won for himself a first decided success was when fourteen years of age,
delivering a thoughtful and eloquent oration at the celebration of the
anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in his native town. When he
was nineteen he walked fourteen miles to Hamden, and spoke on the political
issues of the day in such a manner as to indicate that a brilliant career as
an orator was in store for him. He of the Grand Army, and the posts of the
State all entertain for him a high regard. He is one of the most earnest
and active young politicians of the county, and has three times been offered
the nomination for Assemblyman, but has in each case declined. He has been
spoken of as a delegate to the forthcoming constitutional convention of this
State from the Twenty-third Senatorial District, which is to be held some
time in 1893 or 1894. He has been for some years one of the leading local
politicians, and by reason of his energy and perseverance is bound to be
influential and famous in this field. He has been for two years President
of the Lincoln Republican Club of Oneonta, which was organized in 1888, and
which is the strongest and most influential political organization in the
county, and he has been found to be a most worthy successor of Mr. O. C.
McCrum, its former President. He has always taken an active part in
whatever is calculated to benefit the city of his adoption.
Mr. Kellogg is a member of Oneonta Blue Lodge No. 466, A. F. & A. M., and of
Royal Arch Chapter No. 277, R. A. M.. He has one of the finest offices in
the county, it being in the First National Bank building. For a man so
young and so recently admitted to the bar, he has a very fine law library.
He has been offered political honors many times, but has so far consistently
declined. He is one of the strongest Republicans to be found, and has
attended many county and State conventions of his party, and was a delegate
to the National League Convention of Republican clubs of the United States,
held at Louisville, June 10, 1893. He is a hard worker and a constant and
close student, realizing that there is much of the law to learn after being
admitted to the bar.
Mr. Kellogg was married on the 21st of June, 1893, to Miss may Blakeslee Lewis, 
of Otego, NY., a lady of great worth and accomplishments. He owns a fine 
residence on Ford Avenue. He comes of a good family. His parents are Marvin 
Douglas and Hannah (Schermerhorn) Kellogg, who still reside in Croton, Delaware 
County. Here Marvin Douglas Kellogg was born, reared, educated, and has always 
lived. His wife is of the well-known and ancient Schermerhorn family, so long 
connected with the county of Columbia, in which she was born and reared. Her home 
was at Kinderhook, and her family were neighbors of President Martin Van Buren, 
whom she knew very well. The father of Marvin Douglas Kellogg was Benjamin Kellogg, 
who served as a soldier through the War of 1812, and fought at Lundy's Lane, and 
his father, Benjamin , was a patriot during the Revolutionary War. He was with 
General Washington at Valley Forge. The family all along the line of their long 
history were farmers, the subject of this sketch being the first to become a 
professional man. The early life of Mr. Kellogg was such as to develop a stong 
physical constitution, and his mind also is well developed and balanced. It is 
confidently predicted that his will be an honorable and a distinguished career.
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