Alexis H. Cruttenden
Contributed by Annette Campbell

Dr. Alexis H. Cruttenden was born in OTSEGO county, NY, February 22, 1822. His 
father, Lyman, was a native of Kinderhook, NY, born in 1793, son of Jeremiah
Cruttenden, born in New Haven in 1767, who with his family in 1796 removed to
Otsego county, as one of the first settlers of the old town of Butternuts, now
known as Morris, where the subject of this notice was born. Lyman Cruttenden
through life was identified as a farmer and mechanic, as was his father before
him. He married Harriet Noble, daughter of Elnathan and Joannah (Bostic) Noble,
a like pioneer from Connecticut. The family trace their descent through eight
generations to Goodman (so called) Abram Cruttenden, the emigrant father of the
Cruttenden family in this country, being one of the colonists (twenty-five in
number as heads of families) who signed the famous Guilford Covenant, under the
leadership of Rev. Henry Whitfield, from the town of Cranbrook, County of Kent,
England, who purchased the site and settled the old town of Guilford, CT, in
1639. Dr. A. H. Cruttenden graduated from the College of Physicians and
Surgeons, New York City, in 1852, and practiced in Brooklyn for four years. In
1856 he came to Bath (Steuben County, NY-AC) and established his practice of
medicine, covering a period of forty years in Steuben county. He early took rank
as a surgeon, made the first ovariotomy in the founty, and serving as pension
examining surgeon twenty-eight years. In 1853 he married Julia M. Stephenson, by
whom he had four children, two of whom are living; Frank E., a practicing
physician in Des Moines, Iowa and Mrs. Mary A. Percy of New York city. Mr.
Cruttenden is a lover of the beautiful in nature and art, spends a large share
of leisure time in the culture of fruit and flowers at his home residence and is
one of the progressive men of his county, identified in advancing its best
interests and in the leading events of the day. From "Landmarks of Steuben County" by Hon. Harlo Hakes 1896
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