Almarine Baldwin
Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen


Almarine Baldwin, of Westville, Otsego Co., NY was born in Westford, the same county, and 
is a son of Almarine and Lydia Ann (Way) Baldwin, the former of whom died when his
son Almarine was six months old. Lydia Ann Way was born in Dutchess County, in the
year 1808. She was married a second time. Almarine was the only child of his
parents, and was reared by an uncle, Aaron Baldwin, until he was nineteen years old,
from which time until his marriage he worked by the month. He was married first, in
February, 1860, to Miss Lovina Boardman, who was born in Westford, Otsego County, and
died there at the age of forty-eight. She was the mother of six children, all of
whom are yet living, viz: Claris E., who is married and has two children; Edith A. is
married, but has no children; Lina J. is married, and has one child; Effie H., Jay C.
and Bertha M. The mother of these children was a daughter of Ephraim and Polly
(Burnside) Boardman, natives of Otsego County, where they lived, reared their family
of nine children, one son and eight daughters, and died. The Burnsides were among
the earliest settlers in this county. Mr. Baldwin was married the second time,
October 7, 1890, to Miss Laura A. Rorabacher, who was born in Arcadia, Wayne County,
January 4, 1841, and is a daughter of Christopher A. and Amanda (Bulkley) Rorabacher,
the former of whom was born in Dutchess County, and died in Great Barrington, Mass.,
aged seventy-nine years. He was a son of Alexander and Hannah (Stevens) Rorabacher,
who died at the home of a son in Connecticut, she when a young woman, and he at the
age of eighty-four. The mother of the wife of the subject was born in Dutchess
County, NY and died in Massachusetts, aged seventy-five. His present wife is one of
nine children, six of whom are yet living. The Bulkleys were English people. On the
voyage to his county the vessel on which they had taken passage was wrecked, and all
but two of the family perished. One of these two died after being rescued, and the
other was the ancestor of Mrs. Baldwin. After his marriage Mr. Baldwin lived on his farm, which he had bought himself, until the
spring of 1892, when he sold, and is now engaged in mercantile business, and conducts
a grange store at Westville. He has filled several different local offices, such as
Collector, Poormaster and Assessor. He has always been a democrat, and voted first
for George B. McClellan in 1864. His wife always took care of herself from the time
she was thirteen years old, and had the care of the family on her hands from the time
she was eighteen. Mr. Baldwin and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, and he has always taken an active part in church and Sunday School work,
being superintendent of the latter, and a trustee and steward of the former. Mr.
Baldwin has always been a self-supporting man. He began working at $10 per month,
and saved $100 the first year. His education was obtained in the district school,
and what learning he has was obtained there and by subsequent reading and study. The father of Lydia Ann Way was born in Dutchess Coutny, was in the War of 1812-15, drew
a pension for his services therein, and died in the town of Middlefield, at the great
age of one hundred and four years. His wife was also a native of Dutchess County,
and lived to a great age. Mr. Baldwin was a soldier in the war of the rebellion,
enlisting December 6, 1861, in Company F, 101st New York Infantry, was wounded at
Malvern Hill, and was discharged in consequence, February 22, 1863. He is a
prominent member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and is interested in every good
work, especially for the old soldier. He is a member of Brown, Post, G. A. R., of
Schenevus, NY.
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