Amanda Gibbs Shelland

Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

Mrs. Amanda (Gibbs) Shelland, wife of James E. Shelland, for many years a 

prominent farmer of Otsego County, now living in retirement in the village
of Tuscalon, this county, and whose biography is given briefly in connection
with that of James E. Shelland, Jr., was born in Connecticut, May 11, 1838.
There she was carefully educated and reared by indulgent and intelligent
parents. One of her brothers, John Gibbs, was born in the State of New York
February 4, 1833, and now resides in Detroit, Mich. A sister, Harriet, was
born in Schoharie County, June 12, 1835, is now the widow of George J.
Bulson, and resides at Worcester. Mrs. Shelland is the daughter of Nelson
and Adelia (Baldwin) Gibbs, both of whom were born in New England, and spent
a part of their married lives on a farm in Connecticut. They lived to an
advanced age. They led quiet, unpretentious lives, but were well known as
being among the best people of the community. Mrs. Shelland was first married to Schuyler Crippin, in 1879. He was born in the town of
Worcester, and was a general farmer, owning several good farms in his native town. He
died in the village of Tuscalon at the age of seventy-two years. He was a Democrat in
politics, and served two terms as Highway Commissioner. Mrs. Cripin was again
married, her second husband being Joseph B. Robinson. He was a mason by trade, and
was born in the town of Worcester, being a son of one of the early settlers of that
town. Mr. Robinson died in his native town, at the age of sixty-seven. Her third
marriage was to James E. Shelland, and took place October 19, 1892. They now reside
in the village of Tuscalon, on a part of the old Grand-father Crippin farm, where
they are very comfortably located.
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