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Village of Cooperstown

The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia

(Living people in 1878 who assisted the author with information.)


Warning: There are errors in this book.

COOPERSTOWN (address Cooperstown unless otherwise listed)

Adsit, James F., Grist- & Planing-Mills, Flour, Meal, etc. (firm Lewis &
	Adsit, Otsego); Otsego Co. 1842
Barton, Peter, Farmer, Sheriff of Otsego Co. 1876-1879; Otsego Co. 1832
Bunn, W. H., County Clerk 1873-1879; Otsego Co. 1840
Bundy, Edwin S. (of Bundy Bros., Dry Goods, Carpets, etc., est. 1870);
	Otsego Co. 1853
Bundy, M. C. of Bundy Bros., Dry Goods, Carpets, etc., est. 1870);
	Otsego Co. 1855
Bowen, S. A., Judge of Otsego Co.; Otsego Co. 1835
Bunyan, James, Prop. Hotel Fennimore; Roxburghshire, Scotland, s. 1857
Bowers, Henry J., Flour, Grain, Coal, etc.; Otsego Co. 1824
Ballard, S. N., Prop. Ballard House, Hotel-keeper 34 yrs; Otsego Co.
Ballard, Nelson (of S. H. & N. Ballard, Props Ballard House): Otsego Co.
	[no date]
Bowers, M. S. (retired); Otsego Co. 1806
Cady, B. M., Cashier Second National Bank; Clinton Co., s. 1856
Carter, Mrs. Wm. L. (Daughter of Wm. H. Averell); Otsego co. [no date]
Cory, Wm. E., Dealer in Hardware; Otsego Co. 1829
Cory, Elery P., Undertaker, Successor to E. & H. Cory; Otsego Co. 1838
Cruttender, E. B., Deputy County Clerk Otsego Co.; Otsego Co. 1848
Cockett, W. A., Dealer in Books, Stationery, etc.; Otsego Co. 1852
Cole, N. W., Groceries, Provisions, etc., Est. 1851; Herkimer Co., s.
Cooper, P. P., Boat Livery; Sullivan Co., N. H., s. 1850
Cooper, Joseph H., Boat Livery, everything first-class; St. Lawrence
	Co., s. 1837
Clark, Edward, Lawyer, Capitalist; Greene Co., s. 1856
Davidson, Andrew, Pub. Republican & Democrat; Roxburghshire, Scotland,
	s. 1846
Edick, Samuel S., Attorney-at-Law, State Sen., ex-Judge of Otsego Co.;
	Herkimer Co., s. 1859
Eldred Thomas W., Dry Goods, Groceries, Gen. Stock; Otsego Co. 1848
Fillmore, E. W., Livery & Sale Stables; Broome Co., s. 1872
Harris, E. M., Pres. First National Bank, County Judge 1862, 1863,
	Attorney-at-Law; Otsego Co. 1828
Hartson, Chas. R., Restaurant, Billards; Herkimer Co., s. 1865
Hills, L. H., Physician & Surgeon; Madison Co., s. 1863
Hills, E. Delevan, County Clerk 1870-1873, Dealer in Flour, Feed, Grain,
	Coal, etc.; Montgomery Co., s. 1854
Howard, W. H., Manager Hotel Fennimore; Maitland Co., Ont., s. 1876
Glatner, S., Merchant Tailor, Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods; Cracow,
	Austria, s. 1877
Graves, Calvin, ex-Pres. First National Bank (retired); New Hampshire,
	s. 1794
Jarvis, Frank G., Farmer, Dealer in Hops & Farm Produce; Otsego Co. 1845
Kelly, John, Deputy Sheriff 1870-1879; Herkimer Co., s. 1847
Keyes, W. C. (of W. C. Keyes & Son, Props. Central Hotel); Otsego Co.
Keyes, S. W., Central Hotel; Otsego Co. 1836
Keese, G. Pomeroy, Pres. Second National Bank, Pres. Lakewood Cem.; New
	York City, s. 1830
Lee, Fred'k A., Importer of Dry Goods, N.Y., & Retired Alderman First
	Ward, Brooklyn; Litchfield Co., Conn., s. 1851
Lynes, J. A., Attorney-at-Law, District Attorney 1863-1866; Otsego Co.
Murdock, B. F., Dir. in Dry Goods; Otsego Co. 1829
Palmer, Fred. L., County Treasurer, Cashier First National Bank; Otsego
	Co. 1848
Pank, John, Prop. Grist- & Planing-mills, Dealer in Lumber, Doors, Sash,
	Blinds, etc.; Otsego Co. 1840
Peake, W. H., Book-keeper First National Bank; Otsego Co. 1842
Prentiss, Mrs. J. H., Widow of John H. Prentiss, deceased 1861, Prop. &
	Editor Freeman's Journal; Otsego Co. 1800
Russell, Richard, Dealer in Boots & Shoes; Chautauqua Co., s. 1833
Russell, H. I., Pub. Republican & Democrat; Otsego Co. 1841
Sturges, H., Attorney-at-Law, ex-County Judge & Canal Appraiser; Otsego
	Co. 1819
Smith, Nelson, Fresh & Salt Meats, Fish, etc.; Montgomery Co., s. 1838
Scott, John F., Dealer in Hops, Wool, etc.; Otsego Co. 1816
Starkweather, Geo. A., Attorney-at-Law, Est. 1823, Member 30th Congress;
	Windham Co., in May 1794, s.1819
Shumway, Van Ness C., Fruits, Groceries, Provisions, etc; Otsego Co.
Stocker, M. R., Wool, Hops, Farm Produce; Otsego Co. 1827
Story, Geo., Hardware, Saddlery, & Harness (retired); Windham Co., Conn.
Story, Joshua H. (Dec'd. 1871); Otsego Co. 1818
Shaw, Samuel M., Prop. & Editor Freeman's Journal, Est. 1808; Dutchess
	Co., s. 1851
Tanner, F. G., Jewelry, Books, Music; Oneida Co., s. 1843
Tanner, F. P., Jeweler; Otsego Co. 1855
Watkins, A. H., Steamboating, Capt. "Natty Bumppo"; Delaware Co., s.
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