Charles F. Thompson

Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

Charles F. Thompson, deceased, was born January 18 1823, in the town 
of Exeter. He was the son of Charles and Anna (Lewis) Thompson, both
of whom were born in Connecticut. The former was a farmer of the
town of Exeter, where he died at the age of seventy; his wife died
when sixty-two. The reared a family of eight children, all of whom
are now deceased. Charles F. Thompson remained at home until he was
eighteen years of age. He was educated in the district schools and
in the High School at Cooperstown, and attended Gilbertsville Academy
one term. October 28, 1849, he married Miss Cordelia Palmer, who was
born in the town of Exeter, July 31, 1826. She was the daughter of
Ira and Lucretia Palmer, both of whom were born in Connecticut,
whence they immigrated to the State of New York. Ira Palmer was a
shoemaker by trade, and followed that trade for many years. He and
his wife reared a family of six children who grew to mature years.,
and three of whom are still living, viz: Villeroy, living in
Richfield Springs; Mrs. Thompson , and Jeanette, widow of Orson
Fitch, and residing in Unadilla Forks. The parents of Mrs. Thompson
died at Schuyler’s Lake, the father at the age of eighty, and the
mother at that age of seventy-four. They were both members of the
Baptist Church. He was a Republican in politics. After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson first resided in Allegany
County for three years, then came to Otsego County, and lived in the
town of Exeter for some years. Mr. Thompson was one of the prominent
men of the town, and was highly respected. He taught school in
Schuyler’s Lake for seventeen years, and over thirty years of his
life were spent as a teacher. He served nine years as School
Commissioner. His death occurred on the 5th of March, 1889. He and
his wife reared two children, viz: Charles P., born in Belfast,
Allegany County, and residing in Cooperstown, where he is engaged in
the life insurance business; and Nellie A., born at Schuyler’s Lake,
and residing with her mother. She received her education mostly from
her father, and has taught school twenty-one terms in Exeter and
neighboring towns, having been most successful. Mrs. Thompson is,
and Mr. Thompson was, a Universalist in belief, but not a member of
the church. Politically, he was a Republican. He served as Justice
of the Peace eight years. Mrs. Thompson now owns a farm of
eighty-five acres.
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