Charles S. Brownell
Contributed by Annette Campbell

Charles S. Brownell was born in Bath (Steuben county), May 7, 1849. His father, 
Morton Brownell was a native of OTSEGO county, who came to Steuben county in
1814, and established one of the first hardware stores in Bath, being associated
with Robert W. Church, and remained in the business for twenty-five years, when
he retired. He married Cornelia, daughter of P. Ollendorf, of Otsego, and died
in 1890, aged eight-five years. Charles S. was educated in Haverling Academy,
and in 1864 he went to Buffalo and engaged in the drug business, thence to
Hammondsport in 1869, where he engaged in the hardware business, and in 1879 he
removed to Bath and continued the same business under the name C. S. Brownell &
Co., carrying one of the largest stocks in Western New York. In 1868 he married
Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. Saxton Bigelow, of Ashtabula, Ohio. Mr. Brownell is
one of the leading business men of his town, conservative and upright in
character, and has ever advanced the best interests of his town and county. From "Landmarks of Steuben County" by Hon. Harlo Hakes 1896.
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