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New Lisbon

The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia

(Living people in 1878 who assisted the author with information.)


Warning: There are errors in this book.

NEW LISBON (address New Lisbon unless otherwise listed)

Alger, Rodolphus, Farmer, Stock Raiser, Supervisor, Justice of the 
	Peace; Otsego Co. 1824; Mt. Vision
Benington, Henry L., Farmer, Dairyman; Yorkshire, England, 1804, 
	s. 1831; Garrattsville
Cummings, Moses D., Farmer, Merchant (retired), Otsego Co. 1807; 
Cummings, Harriet S., wife of M. D. Cummings; Otsego  Co. 1809, 
	died Aug. 23, 1877
Chapin, Linus N., Farmer, Dairy, Stock Raiser, Mechanic, Surveyor; 
	Otsego Co. 1812
Fowlston, John B., Farmer, Dairyman, Hop-grower; Otsego Co. 1821; 
Fowlston, George, Farmer (retired); Yorkshire, England, 1797, 
	s. 1803; Garrattsville
Fowlston, Lydia, wife. of Geo. Fowlston; Otsego Co. 1801; 
Gross, Mrs. Roby C., wife of Ellis Gross; Otsego Co. 1813; 
Gross, Ellis (retired); Otsego Co. 1804; Garrattsville
Gregory, Wm., Farmer, Dairyman, Stock Raiser; Otsego 1827; 
Hollister, J. C., Farmer, Dairyman, Dealer in Eggs; Columbia Co. 
	1824, s. 1834
Jonas, M. C. Farmer, Dairyman, Hop-grower, Stock Raiser; England 
	1834, s. 1842; Garrattsville
Neff, Jonathan R., Farmer, Stock Raiser, Grazier, Justice of the 
	Peace; Otsego Co. 1841; Garrattsville
Neff, Jonathan W., Farmer, Stock Raiser, Grazier; Otsego Co. 1809; 
Neff, Joseph, Retired Farmer; Otsego Co. 1796; Garrattsville
Pattingill, D. F., Farmer; Otsego Co. 1831; selected to Assembly 
	from 2d Rep. Dist. of Otsego Co. 1877
Peck, George L., Farmer, Land-owner; Otsego Co. 1821
Perry, James H., Farmer, Dairyman, Stock Raiser; Otsego Co. 1827; 
Parker, Elisha, Farmer, Dairyman, Stock Raiser; Otsego Co. 1802; 
Perkins, James S., Farmer, Dairyman, Stock Raiser; Windham Co., 
	Conn. 1807, s. 1814; Hartwick
Rockwell, Geo. B., Farmer, Dairyman, Stock Raiser; Otsego Co. 
	1826; Mt. Vision
Rockwell, Abner, Farmer, Dairyman, Stock Raiser; Otsego Co. 1812; 
Robinson, Matthew, Farmer, Dairyman, Stock Raiser; Otsego Co. 1814; 
	Mt. Vision
Sherman, E. J., Farmer, Dairyman, Grist- & Saw-mill; Otsego Co. 
	1828; Garrattsville
Thurston, Joel, Farmer, Dairyman, Stock Raiser; Otsego Co. 1811
Thurston, Eliza A (wife of Joel Thurston); Otsego Co. 1821
Thurston, James, Farmer, Cheese Manufacturer; Otsego Co. 1824
Thurston, Gaines, Farmer (Retired); Otsego Co. 1800
Young, Alexander, Farmer, Dairyman, Stock Raiser; Otsego Co. 1808; 
Young Cordelia, wife of A. Young; Otsego Co. 1818; Hartwick
Wheeler, George W. P., Physician & Surgeon; Otsego Co. 1801, 
	s. 1828; Garrattsville
Wheeler, J. P., Farmer, Dairyman, Hop-grower, Justice of the Peace, 
	Assoc. Judge; Herkimer Co., s. 1821; Garrattsville
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