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The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia

(Living people in 1878 who assisted the author with information.)


Warning: There are errors in this book.

ONEONTA (address Oneonta unless otherwise listed)

Allen, Horace H., Clergyman; Monroe Co., s. 1869
Bull, Nath'l N., Teacher; Schoharie Co., s. 1839
Brotherton, H., Clergyman; Wyoming Co., s. 1873
Burtis, J. L., Editor; N.Y., s. 1865
Brown, R., Stove, Tin, hardware Dealer (W. L. & R. Brown); 
	Schoharie Co., s. 1872
Bundy, L. L., Attorney-at-Law; Otsego Co. 1851
Brewer, H. J., Jobber, Builder; Otsego Co. 1821
Blend, J. H., Architect; Otsego Co. 1846
Burnside, S. S., Attorney- & Counselor-at-Law; Milford, s. 1839
Elwell, Morris N., Miller, Inventor of Elwell's Middlings Separator; 
	Otsego Co. 1851
Ford, D. W., Manufacturer; Oneonta 1826
Ferrell, John M., Deputy Sheriff; Vermont, s. 1863
Gile, S. J., Marble Work, Dealer in Monuments & Headstones; 
	Otsego Co. 1853
Huntington, Solon, Farmer, Speculator; Litchfield, Conn., s. 1840
Johnson, Edw. M., Editor Herald and Democrat; London, Eng., s. 1834
Jones, C. A., Master Mechanic A. & S. R. R.; Montgomery Co., s. 1872
Lewis, A. C., Central Hotel; Otsego Co. 1869
Morris, W. H. (Morris Bros., Jobbers in Flour, Grain, etc.); 
	Milford, s. 1865
Morris, Albert (Morris Bros., Jobbers in Flour, Grain, etc.); 
	Milford, s. 1865
Mereness, W. H., Photographer, Stereopticon Views, Picture Frames, 
	Glasses, Albums, etc.; Schoharie Co., s. 1872
Massett, J. S., Jr., Carriage Manufacturer; London, Eng., s. 1863
Morgan, E. J., Physician & Surgeon Dentist; New Hampshire, s. 1866
McCrum, Wm., General Furniture, Undertaker; Delaware Co., s. 1838
McDonald, Jay, Livery Stable, Single & Double Rigs, charges 
	reasonable; Otsego Co. 1823
Niles, H. C., West Oneonta, Farmer, Brick-maker; Otsego Co. 1844; 
	West Oneonta
Patter, W. M., Prop. Susquehanna House; Otsego Co. 1813
Peet, R. G., Farming; Otsego Co. 1851
Reynolds, G. W., Editor; Kortright, s. 1866
Reynolds, E. A., Express Agent; Otsego Co. 1856
Scramling, Geo., Attorney-at-Law; Otsego Co. 1840
Slade, James, Farming, Dairying; Albany Co., s. 1832
Wood, H. G., Real Estate & Insurance Agent; N. Y., s. 1873
Wilbur, C. L., Attorney-at-Law; Delaware Co., s. 1873
Whitman, H. T., West Oneonta, Farming, Dairying; Otsego Co., 1842; 
	West Oneonta
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