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The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia

(Living people in 1878 who assisted the author with information.)


Warning: There are errors in this book.

PITTSFIELD (address Pittsfield unless otherwise listed)

Beardslee, A. J., Farmer; Pittsfield 1837; New Berlin
Beardslee, May H., Farmer; Brookfield, s. 1840; New Berlin
Beardslee, Chas., Farmer; Pittsfield 1834; New Berlin
Backus, Solomon, Manfr. of Lumber; New Berlin, s. 1841; Morris
Bemis, Orrin, Manufacturer; Pittsfield 1841; New Berlin
Briggs, F. H., Farmer; Pittsfield 1824
Card, Chester, Farmer; Burlington, s. 1816
Finks, Alberto, Manfr. of Water Pipes & Pumps, etc.; Sherburne, s. 1837;
	New Berlin
Hall, C. G., Farmer; Pittsfield 1824; New Berlin
Hawkins, Reuben M., Prop. Pittsfield Lumber- & Grist-mill; Edmeston, s.
Hall, Orinel L., Farmer; Pittsfield 1802; New Berlin
Peck, Truman, Farmer; Albany Co., s. 1804; New Berlin
Simmons, Jas., Farmer; Foster, R. I., s. 1831; New Berlin
Woodard, John S., Farmer; Paris, Oneida Co., s. 1830; New Berlin
Wood, Russell, Farmer; Pittsfield 1810; Morris
Matteson, Joshua, Farmer; Laurens, s. 1822
Midbury, Chas., Farmer; New Berlin, s. 1810
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