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The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia

(Living people in 1878 who assisted the author with information.)


Warning: There are errors in this book.

RICHFIELD (address Richfield Springs unless otherwise listed)

Ackerman, C., Richfield Springs, Editor & Pub. Richfield Springs
	Mercury; Schoharie Co., s. 1871
Ames, Jno. S., Farmer; Otsego 1839
Bailey, W. T., Richfield Springs, Dentists; Otsego Co. 1828
Barrus, A., Richfield Springs, Prop. National Hotel & Livery; Otsego Co.
Boomfield, Allen (retired); Herkimer Co., s. 1869
Coleman, Wm. B., Richfield Springs, one of Props. American Hotel; N.Y.
	City, s. 1871
Cadwell, N. W., one of Principals & Props Richfield Springs Seminary;
	Hillsdale Co., Mich., s. 1876
Clapsaddle, Stephen, Farmer, Dairyman; Herkimer Co., s. 1867; Schuyler's
Clapsaddle, Dennis; Herkimer Co. 1774, died 1842 [nothing further]
Davenport, J. S., Richfield Springs, Lawyer, Assemblyman 1876,77;
	Madison Co., s. 1838
Darrow, W. E., Richfield Springs, Prop. Central Hotel & Livery; Fulton
	Co., s. 1844
Fay, Parker D., Richfield Springs, Lawyer; Otsego Co. 1843
Gano, Charles J., Richfield Springs, Lawyer; Herkimer Co., s. 1851
Getman, D. A., Richfield Springs, Druggist; Herkimer Co., s. 1874
Goodier, A. K., Richfield Springs, one of Props. & Principals Richfield
	Springs Seminary; Herkimer Co., s. 1876
Jewell, N. D., Richfield Springs, Prop. Tuller House; Oneida Co., s.
Mauley, Dean S., Richfield Springs, Lawyer; Otsego Co. 1821
Mauley, Horace, Richfield Springs, Physician; Norway, Herkimer Co., s.
McRone, Alfred, Farmer, Hop-grower, Dairyman; Otsego Co. 1839
Price, Samuel, Richfield Springs, Central Hotel clerk; Co. of Kent,
	England, s. July 1871
Smith, Alfred J., Druggist; Oneida Co., s. 1869
Smith, Willard A., Druggist; Akron, Ohio, s. 1869
Sitts, Anson, Farmer; Otsego Co. 1822
Sitts, Elizabeth, Farmer; Yorkshire, England, s. 1827
Tenant, A. C., Lawyer; Cortland Co., s. 1871
Wilkerson, H. J., Richfield Springs, Farmer; Herkimer Co., s. 1837
Whipple, Ezra S., Richfield Springs, Retired Assemblyman 1859,60; Otsego
	Co. 1823
Young, Elias, Richfield Springs, Blacksmith; Herkimer Co., s. 1873
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