Delos Salisbury

Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

Delos Salisbury, and extensive farmer of the town of Hartwick, was 
born in the town of Milford, November 11, 1842. His father,
Henry Salisbury, was born in the town of Summit, Schoharie Co.,
N. Y., November 12, 1819, and his father, Andrew Salisbury, was
born in the same State, February 8, 1799. Henry Salisbury, the
father of Andrew, was born, it is thought, in England, and from
the best information at hand came to America when a young man,
and was married in New York State to Miss Amy Cleavland. He was
a farmer, and spent his last years in Davenport, Delaware County.
Andrew Salisbury went to Schoharie County when yet young, and was
there married. From there he came to Otsego County about 1828,
and resided a short time in the town of Milford. He then bought
the farm which the subject of this sketch now owns and occupies
from Solomon Squires. He engaged in farming there a number of
years, then sold out and removed to davenport, where he lived one
year, and then returned to Milford, where he died April 17, 1870.
The maiden name of his wife was Rebecca Van Buren. She was born
in Schodack, Rensselaer County. Her father, John Van Buren, was,
so far as is known, a life long resident of this State. He was a
cousin of President Martin Van Buren. The maiden name of the
wife of John Van Buren was Hannah Pembroke. To Andrew Salisbury
and wife were born eleven children - Henry, Hannah, John, Nelson,
Vilettie, Roxey, Zebadiah, Andrew, Waitsil Cleavland, Cyrus and
Alvira. Six of these are still living. Three of the boys served
in the war of the Rebellion, Cyrus, the youngest, losing his life
in the battle of Gettysburg. Henry Salisbury, the father of the subject, was nine years old when
his parents brought him to this county, and was reared to
agricultural pursuits. August 28, 1862, he enlisted in Company
H, 52nd New York Volunteer Infantry, and served as a faithful
soldier all through the war. He was in the Army of the Potomac,
and was with his regiment in all of its marches, campaigns and
battles. He was honorable discharged with the regiment, and then
returned tho his home. Since then he has always been engaged in
farming. To him were born three children - Delos, Elmer N. and
Melvina. The maiden name of his first wife, the mother of the
subject of this sketch, was Mercy Maria Squires. She was born in
Massachusetts, July 3, 1824, and her father, Solomon Squires, was
a native of the same State. He was a soldier in the War of
1812-15. he came to Otsego County in 1826, purchased a farm in
the town of Hartwick, where the subject now resides, occupied it
about ten years, and then sold it to Andrew Salisbury, but
continued to occupy a portion of it until his death. The maiden
name of his wife was Palace Hooker. She was born of Oliver
Hooker. She spent the last days of her life in the town of Hartwick. Delos Salisbury received his education in the district schools,
advanced by attendance at the Hartwick Seminary two terms. When
fourteen years old he left the parental roof, and went to live
with a neighboring farmer, where he found a pleasant home, and
where he was well clothed, and attended school a portion of each
year. At the end of four years his employer gave him $60. He
continued working out by the month until he was twenty-five years
of age, and then worked a farm on shares for one year. He then
bought the farm upon which he now resides, going in debt for a
portion of the purchase price. He was very industrious, and in a
few years had it paid for. He has erected a good set of farm
buildings and othewise improved the place, and has added to the
original number of acres until he now owns a farm of 200 acres. In March, 1868, Mr. Salisbury married Helen Wentworth, who was born
in the village of Hartwick, and is the daughter of Elisha and
Lucy (Brockway) Wentworth. Of this union there are three
children, viz: Dorr E., Edgar H. and Nettie E. Politically, Mr.
Salisbury, Mr. Salisbury is a Democrat. He was elected Assessor
in 1888, for a term of three years, was re-elected in 1891, and
is now serving the third year of his second term. Both Mr.
Salisbury and his wife are well-known people, and highly esteemed
by all who know them.
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