Edward Lynk

Rene' Treffeisen

Edward Lynk was born in Columbia County, N.Y., October 1, 1830.  he is a son of Jacob 
Lynk, who, so far as is known, was born in the same county, and his father was, it is
believed, a lifelong resident of that county. Jacob Lynk was reared and educated in
Columbia County, and resided there until 1831, when, with his wife and severn children,
he moved to Otsego County, making the removal with teams, and bringing with him all his
worldly possessions. He located on the farm upon which the subject of this sketch now
resides, and lived upon it until his death. The maiden name of his wife was Christina
Lasher. She was also born in Columbia County, and died on the home farm in Otsego
County. She reared eight children, viz: Austin, Cornelia, Jane, Philip, George, Edward,
Margaret and Thomas. Edward Lynk was but an infant when his father removed to Otsego County. He remained
with his parents as long as they lived, and suceeded his father in the ownership of the
farm, and has always been engaged in farming. He was married, October 31, 1855, to
Catherine Van Valkenburgh, who was born in Seward, Schoharie Co., N. Y., and was a
daughter of John Van Valkenburgh, who was born at Sharon, Schoharie County, and was a
son of John Van Valkenburgh, who was born in Holland, or in the State of New York, of
Holland parents. He was a farmer, and died in Sharon. The maiden name of his wife was
Maria Bender. The father of Mrs. Lynk was a farmer, and spent his entire life in
Schoharie County. The maiden name of his wife was Elizabeth M. Brown. She was born
in Shoharie County, and John Brown, her grandfather, spent his entire life, so far as
is known, as a farmer in Schoharie County. The mother of Mrs. Lynk died at the home
of her daughter in Oneonta. Mrs. and Mrs Lynk have four children, viz: Jenie, John D., Alice E. and Grace B.
Mrs. Lynk is a member of the Reformed Church at Sharon, and Mr. Lynk is a Democrat
in politics. He is one of the industrious and enterprising citizens of the town of
Cherry Valley, and is highly respected and esteemed by all who know him.
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