Edwin H. Cady

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Rene' Treffeisen

Edwin H. Cady, a farmer of the town of Pittsfield, Otsego County, was born in 1834, 
within one mile of his present home. He is a son of Stephen P. Cady, who was born
in Connecticut, August 11, 1807, and who died at the present home of the subject of
this sketch i 1871, when nearly sixty-four years old. Stephen P. Cady was a son of
Willis and Esther (Bronson) Cady, both of whom were natives of Connecticut. They
reared two sons and one daughter, the latter, Caroline, marrying James Lewis, and
dying in the town of Pittsfield, in 1858, leaving a family of three children. The
other son, Jason, was a blacksmith and a farmer of Otsego County, and died in New
Berlin, Chenango County, when seventy-one years of age. Willis Cady, the grandfather
of the subject, was accidentally killed in 1855, while engaged in hoisting a timber,
being then seventy-one years old. His wife died in 1859. They were both members
of the Presbyterian Church. Upon settling in this county they bought 100 accres of
timber land one mile east of the subject's home, which land they cleared, and of it
made a good farm. They were good, honest, industrious people, well and favorably known. Stephen P. Cady, after their death, owned one half of the 100 acres, and added
thereto fifty acres more. He was married to Ann Eliza White, of Connecticut, a
daughter of Hamilton and Betsy (Dennis) White, early settlers in Chenango County.
Mr. White was a shoemaker by trade and worked for the Knapps, of New Berlin, for a
number of years. Stephen P. Cady and his wife lived on their 100 acre farm some
twenty-five years, and their eight of their nine children were born. These children
were as follows: Charlotte E., born in 1830, and died in 1892; Mary E., born in
1832 and died in 1873; Edwin H., the subject of this sketch, born in 1834; William
H., born in 1836, and died in 1877; Sarah E., born in 1839, and died in 1878; Julia
Ann, born in 1842 and died in 1864; Charles Willis, born in 1847; Alice De Ette,
born in 1850, and Celia A., born in 1855. Alice De Ette is the wife of B. J. Simons,
of Sidney, N.Y. Charles Willis is a farmer of the town of Burlington, and Celia A.
is the wife of Charles Salls, of Clinton, Iowa. William H. Cady was a volunteer
in the 8th Iowa Infantry, served as a private soldier three years, was taken prisoner
at Pittsburg Landing, and was in prison six months in Alabama and Georgia, and a
short time in Libby Prison; he died in Iowa. The father of these children died as
above stated, and his wife died in Septmber, 1889, at the age of eighty years.
Both were members of the Baptist Church, of which he was a deacon and an active
member many years. Edwin H. Cady was brought up on the farm, and received but a limited education.
He was married, September 28 1858, to Miss Zorada Allendorf, a daughter of William
and Lucinda (Marquart) Allendorf, both natives of Dutchess County, and of German
ancestry. Soon after the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Allendorf they removed from
Dutchess County to Smyrna, Chenango County, where Mr. Allendorf died at the age
of seventy-three. They reared five children, all of whom have died but Mrs. Cady.
Mrs. Allendorf is still living, and makes her home with her daughter; she is
seventy-six years old. Mr. and Mrs. Cady have lost one daughter, Mary, who died at the age of eight, of
scarlet fever, after an illness of but four days. They have one daughter living,
Nettie Belle, who was married to Elmer Traver, of Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, on
June 13 1888. They have two daughters; Inez May, born August 22 1889, and Lena
Pearl, March 28 1891, both bright, healthy children. Mr. Cady is a Republican in
Politics, and both he and his wife are members of the Baptist Church.
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