Listing of Early Settlers


Town of Burlington formed form Otsego, April 10, 1792.

The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia

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HERRINGTON, Deacon Benjamin, Elijah, Francis, Richard, Elisha, brothers, from Pownal, VT 1790
JOHNSON*, Elisha, Harris, Ira, John from New England 1790
GARDNER*, Samuel from Pownal, VT 1790
GARDNER*, Paul & son, Clark 1790
HUBBELL*, Lemuel & sons from Mass. (soon after 1790)
BALCOM*, Uriah from Mansfield, Conn. (1793)
JENKS*, Peter from Mass (1806)
FLINT, Zaccheus from Conn. (1791)
CHURCH*, Amasa, Willard and Cady from Conn. (a1790)
GORHAM*, William from Danbury, Conn (1817)
BRIGGS, Perez from Conn. (1789)
PARKER*, Alexander from VT (1790)
COOK, Pitman, came in with CHAPINs (1800)
GOFF, David & William from Rhode Island (prior to 1794)
ANGEL*, Jonathan, William, Joseph, James & Thomas from Conn. (abt 1787)
WOOD*, Peleg from Rhode Island (abt 1806)
PECK, Jedediah (1793)
MUNROE, William (date unknown)
MATHER*, Dan, born Lyme, Conn. (1811)
CHAPIN*, GAD & family from Bennington, VT; moved away abt 1808 (1789)
CHAPIN*, Samuel, Charlotte, Gad (son), Dan, Volney, Israel (Gad's family) (1789)
MARCY*, Abraham from West Woodstock, windham Co., Conn (1826)
PRATT*, Edward (1805)
DIMOCK, Tiimothy 
FOOT, Bernice 
CARD, Benjamin
POTTER, Willis
SILL, Andrew (1794)
MILLER, John (1794)
BOUTELL, Samuel (1794)
ABBE, Shadrach (1794)
GARDNER, Caleb (1794)
GARDNER, John (1794)
LINCOLN, Otis (1794)
COE, Zachariah (1794)
OLIN, D (1794)
CALKINS, N (1794)
WELCH, Walter (1794)
KANADY, James (1794)
MOSS, E (1794)
CAMPBELL, E (1794)
NOBLE, Elnathan (1794)
GARRATT, Reobert (1794)
NORTON, John (1794)

Biographies - (see Biography Index)
NORTON, John b Chatham, Conn, 1775
WALWORTH, Bejamin S native of Burlington, NY
GARDNER, David (Colonel) from Pownell, Bennington Co., Vt.
MATTESON, A Alonzo native of W. Greenwich, Kent Co., R I
CHASE, Willet native of Hancock, R I
GARDNER, Orange native of Burlington, NY
MATHER, Andrew A native of Burlington, NY
BOLTON Family from Conn.
BRIGGS Family from Conn.
PARKER, David G born W. Burlington, NY
KELSEY, Roswell native of Edmeston, NY
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