Listing of Early Settlers


Town of Milford ("Suffrage") from Unadilla 1796

The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia

(Please note that this listing may be incomplete. 
The list was extracted from the text of the history listed above.)


CARR, unknown prior to revolution
CULLY, David, Thomas & Mathew fro Cherry Valley
MUMFORD*, Thomas & sons Geo., Gardner, John & Joseph from 
Bennington, Vt 1788
EDSONs, unknown first names
ADAMS*, Levi from Pawlet, Vt 1790
LOWE, John (Sr.) & John (Jr.)
BRIGGS, Russell
MOORE*, John (Col.) (born Cherry Valley in 1767) 1784
BISSELL*, William H. (b Hartwick)
BISSELL*, Norman
WARD*, Artemus (Rev War)
SWEET*, Jonathan from East Greenwich, R.I.
EDDY*, Asa from Hoosick, Ren. Co., 1805
FRENCH*, Daniel from Mass & brother David
SCOTT*, Henry from Ireland prior 1796
SAYRE*, David L from Greene Co. 1868
FORD, Moses
WAIT, William P 1808
BAKER, Edward & Thomas from Vt 
COLLIER*, Isaac (founded Colliersville)
STODDARD, Joel prirr 1796
BRINK, Aaron prior 1796
BIVINS, John prior 1796
CULVER, Joseh prior 1796
WHITMARSH, Samuel prior 1796
DOOLITTLE, Samuel prior 1796
WESTCOTT, James prior 1796 (same name as above) 
HAMLIN, David prior 1796
FELTON, John prior 1796
BIDWELL, Samuel prior 1796
SERGEANTS, Lemuel prior 1796
JENNINGS, Reuben prior 1796
ELLSWORTH, Philip prior 1796
PATTEE, Edmund prior 1796
FORD, Noah prior 1796
WHITFORD, Stanley prior 1797
LYON, Abel prior 1797
BACON, Harvey prior 1797
MOFFAT, Belazed prior 1797
HOSKINS, Micah prior 1797
MORREL, Jacob prior 1797
TRYON, Ezra prior 1797
ADAMS, Levi prior 1797
PECK, Sperry prior 1797
STODDARD, Cyrenus prior 1797
JEWELS, Pennel prior 1797
SISSON, Samuel about 1797
ADAMS, James abt 1797
HESS, Frederick abt 1797
MILLER, Seth abt 1797
DODGE, Noah abt 1797
BROWN, Frederick abt 1797
WESTCOTT, Benjamin abt 1797
MARINNIS, William abt 1797
WEAVER, Jacob abt 1797
AYLESWORTH, Philip abt 1797
HATCH, Joseph abt 1797
JENNINGS, Elias abt 1797
COLLIER, William abt 1797
HINMAN, Samuel abt 1797
CROSS, Eleazer abt 1797
PRENTICE, Otis abt 1797
HUNGERFORD, Levi abt 1797
MOREY, Leonard abt 1797
MILLINGTON, Peter abt 1797
RAY, James abt 1797
CHICHESTER, William abt 1797
AYLESWORTH, John abt 1797
WALWORTH, Griswold abt 1797
ELDRED, Thomas abt 1797
McCOLLUM, Mr. abt 1797
FRENCH, David (Jr.)
PEETS, Josiah
McDONALD, Joseph
BEALS, Abraham & Jacob 1784
BROWN, James
NILES, Increase 1790

GOODYEAR, Jared (b 1792 Schoharie Co) abt 1822
COLLIER, Peter (Major) b 1776
MORRIS, Richard B b Milford 1811
MORRIS, Adolphus G b Milford 1826
BARNES, Simeon R b Maryland, NY 1831
WESTCOTT, Otis b Cheshire, Berkshire Co., Mass 1806
HARDY, William R. b Unadilla 1809
SPENCER, Andrew b Warren, Herkimer Co., 1835
WILCOX, Henry b Laurens 1805
* indicates add'l info on the county web page.