Listing of Early Settlers


Town of Morris (Louisville) from Butternuts 1849

The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia

(Please note that this listing my be incomplete. 
The list was extracted from the text of the history listed above.)


THURSTON, Increase & Moses from New-Town-Martin, Tryon Co. 1773
IRISH, Hugh M (English) 1773
STONE, Benjamin (English) 1773
PIERCE, William (English) 1773
BROOKS, Equire (English) 1773
JOHNSON, Jack (English) 1773
GARRETT, Robert (English) 1773
MOORE, Johnathan & sons 
de VILLIERS, Louis (Esq.) (French)
ROSSEAU, Widow & 3 sons from city of Paris
COCKRELL, Francois
PERRY, Mon. (French)
De LAY, M. (Mon.) (French)
FRANCHOT, Paschal, native of France 1789
LULL, Benj & sons Benj, Jr, Joseph, Caleb, Nathan, & William from 
New-Town-Martin, Tryon Co. 1773
KNAPP, Ebenezer from New-Town-Martin, Tryon Co. 1773
RENOURD, Andre (French)
LULL, Joseph, s/o Benjamin from Tryon Co.
MOORE*, Jonathan from Salisbury, Conn abt 1792
DAVIS*, Benajah
PALMER*, Ichabod B from Conn soon after beg. Rev War
MORRIS*, Jacob (General-Rev War)
FRANCHOT, Louis & Paschal
BRADLEY, Sturgis
WALKER*, Stephen from Johnstown, Sarataoga Co., 1811

MOORE, Ansel C b Butternuts (Morris) 1798
YATES, William b Sapperton, near Burotn-on-Trent, Eng. 1767
PALMER, Amos (Capt.) b Litchfield, Conn., 1779
FRANCHOT, Pascal (Judge) b1774 
WHEELER, Edsoni b Butternuts (Morris) 1822
LULL, Joseph (Deacon) b abt 1756
LULL, Jacob K (Hon.) b 1794
KENYON, James P b Cooperstown 1822
* indicates add'l info on the county web page.